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Tire Drives

Scrap tire drives are one method of source reduction, the removal or elimination of breeding sources that currently are or have the potential to breed mosquitoes.  In 2021, Bay County Mosquito Control will hold two community scrap tire drives, which are funded in part through a Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) Scrap Tire Clean Up Grant.  The scrap tire drives are designed to help clean up the environment and reduce mosquito habitat. 

The first tire drive is scheduled for Saturday, June 5 and will be held at Bay County Mosquito Control's field station, 810 Livingston Street, Bay City while the second will take place Saturday, August 7 at Fraser Township Hall, 1474 N. Mackinaw Road, Linwood. Each Bay County residence may bring up to 10 rimless regular car or truck tires to the drop-off site, which will accept tires from 9am-2pm.  No tractor tires, semi-truck tires, or tires from commercial businesses or agricultural entities will be accepted.

In response to the ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), procedures for collecting tires during the 2021 scrap tire drives will look different than they have in the past.  When dropping off tires, county residents must verbally verify Bay County residence.  They will then be required to unload their own tires onto a tire pile.  If the resident needs help removing tires from their vehicle to the tire pile, staff will be available to help, but will maintain physical distancing.

Tire drives are geared toward scrap tires accumulating in neighborhoods. If you have any questions, please call the office at (989) 894-4555. 

June 5, 2021 Tire Drive Information

August 7, 2021 Tire Drive Information