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Insect Identification


Bay County Mosquito Control can assist residents in identifying mosquitoes. From time to time, residents bring in other "bugs"/insects for identification and sometimes we can help.  However, if you are looking for online resources for bug identification, see the information below showing a wealth of information and several networks you can use.

Check out this post by Entomological Society of America or see below:


Extension Programs

Extension Programs are a great resource for insect identification for growers, landscapers, and gardeners—and especially for truly local expertise.

To find your local cooperative extension office and contact info (and put your tax dollars to work), try any of the following:


Social Media

As in so many other realms, social media has connected people for sharing knowledge about insects in ways never before possible. For a quick identification of an insect or related arthropod, especially when you’re on the go, these social media groups and outlets are a great place to turn:




Websites and Blogs 

Similarly, the internet in general has become a wealth of accessible entomology. (Many cooperative extension programs host excellent, knowledge-rich websites themselves.) For insect identification questions, the websites below can be useful places to start.


This information was compiled by the San Gabriel Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District and we thank them for sharing content.