Mosquito Control

Rebecca Brandt, Manager

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No-Spray Status

Larval and Adult Mosquito Control No-Treat: Residents who prefer to opt-out of treatment by Mosquito Control may request “No-spray” status by returning the form below and placing yellow, reflective signs at both ends of their property. These signs indicate to our drivers not to treat this property. It is the property owner’s responsibility to place the signs at property boundaries so they are visible to our drivers. Bay County Mosquito Control honors all no-spray requests, no matter the reason.

The Bay County Board of Commissioners adopted a Mosquito Control "No Spray" policy, Resolution 93074, on March 9, 1993.  The policy states that:  initial request for "no spray" consideration can be made at any time, but annual renewal must be completed by April 1, (calendar year); homeowner must clearly and visibly place "no-spray" signs four to six feet off the ground by May 1 (calendar year); signs must be properly maintained; BCMC will replace stolen signs when confirmed by a police report.

No-spray status must be renewed annually to ensure accurate records. Mosquito Control will send a renewal letter each winter which must be completed and returned to the office prior to the start of the treatment season. Options on the no-spray letter allow property owners to select whether to opt out of adult control (nighttime fogging), larval control (daytime inspections to treat standing water), and/or larval control by air (treatment of flooded woodlots by plane in mid-April).

Return the no-spray form below for inclusion on the no-spray list. Once received, Mosquito Control will make arrangements for you to receive yellow, reflective signs.

No Spray Form