Mosquito Control

Rebecca Brandt, Manager

810 Livingston Avenue
Bay City, Michigan 48708-6380
Voice: (989) 894-4555
Fax: (989) 894-0526

Office Procedures

Citizen Service Requests

Bay County citizens can call our office (989.894.4555) to request a variety of services.  When homeowners have standing water on their property, a larval request is logged into a Microsoft Access Citizen Tracking Database.  Larviciding service can be expected in 2-5 days. 

Citizens calling to report bothersome adult mosquitoes will be asked for a home phone number or last name (this is how the database tracks clients).  Information such as address, crossroads, township, section number, and specific directions will be registered in the database, just as larviciding requests are.  Adulticiding service is performed as soon as possible, considering where high populations of adult mosquitoes are trapped and reported.  Usually, each township is sprayed completely in 7-10 days, weather permitting.

Medical Certification Program

The "Medical" program is a special service for residents who are highly allergic to mosquito bites (or whose children are).  Residents must annually complete the necessary paperwork, including a doctor's prescription.  The property where the resident lives will be treated each time our technicians perform a zone sweep of that particular township.  This service may be suspended when there is county-wide mosquito-borne disease activity.

No Spray Program

Residents who wish their property go without mosquito control treatment may call the office.  Paperwork must be completed annually to renew the "no spray" status.  Homeowners must post reflective signs at property lines that notify technicians to cease fogging on the resident's property. 

The Bay County Board of Commissioners adopted a Mosquito Control "No Spray" policy, Resolution 93074, on March 9, 1993.  The policy states that:  initial request for "no spray" consideration can be made at any time, but annual renewal must be complete by April 1, (calendar year); homeowner must clearly and visibly place "no spray" signs four to six feet off the ground by May 1 (calendar year); signs must be properly maintained; BCMC will replace stolen signs when confirmed by a police report; BCMC will honor "no spray" requests. 

Planes fly over wooded areas and homes throughout the county each spring, usually around mid-April, dropping Bti to control mosquito larvae.  The Bti is a bacterial product that specifically targets spring woodland mosquito larvae before they become biting adult mosquitoes.  About 50,000 acres of woods are treated every spring.  If a resident does not want their wooded property treated in the spring to control mosquito larvae, they should call the office at (989) 894-4555.