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MMCA Scholarship

Kenley Farrel Memorial Scholarship


$1,200 - First Place

$300 - Second Place

The Michigan Mosquito Control Association (MMCA) presents an annual scholarship to encourage interest in mosquito control and to assist a student financially towards a higher education in Natural Science or a related field. Application form and instructions for the 2018 scholarship are available at the MMCA website. Winning essays can also be viewed on the MMCA website link.  Last year's first place winner was Dana Bauer and the second place winner was Hannah Leszczynski (Bay County).  Previous years have seen Bay County students win the scholarship:  Paige McCarry (1st place in 2013), Andrew Willson (1st place in 2010), Justin Middleton (1st place in 2009), Trisha Hebert (1st place in 2008), and Katie King (2nd place in 2006)!

The 2018 essay topic is Non-Traditional Methods for Controlling Mosquitoes – Prevalent Misconceptions.There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes tocontrolling and repelling mosquitoes. Some of the most common involve the use of bat houses, purple martinhouses, citronella plants and scented candles, bug zappers, garlic, ultrasonicdevices, and Listerine. Discuss theseoften-touted mosquito control techniques and their effectiveness compared totraditional control methods.

The essay is to be a minimum of four pages of text (plus bibliography), typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, and one-inch margins.

Deadline for submitting applications will be November 1, 2018. Please call Bay County Mosquito Control at (989) 894-4555 for more information.