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Animal Control

Michael F. Halstead, Manager

Animal Control Shelter
800 Livingston Street
Bay City, Michigan 48708-6380
Voice: (989) 894-0679
TDD/TTL: (989) 895-4049

When people think of who cares for abandoned or neglected animals, they think of Animal Control. However, this office provides many more services to the citizens of Bay County, especially when it comes to protecting the public's health. Animal Control investigates all reported animal bites, quarantines animals that have bitten humans and consults with veterinary, medical, and other professionals, when there is a possibility of any transmittable disease from animals to humans. The Animal Control Division enforces county ordinances and ensures that state laws are upheld. The division is also busy licensing dogs and cats, and  inspecting kennels.

What's New at the Animal Shelter:

Hours of Operation:

The Shelter is open Monday through Friday from 10am - 6pm and Saturdays from 9am- 1pm, in an effort to accommodate citizens as best we can with available resources.

We Accept only cash or check.

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Animal Control Ordinances

To access the complete set of Bay County Animal Control Ordinances through Municode.org, click here. (There is no charge to use this service.)

Animal Surrender Form

To animal owners we understand that there maybe a time when you have to give up ownership of your pet to the shelter. To help make the transition easier we now have a form that you can print and fill out to bring in with you when you have to give up ownership of your pet. This will help us make it a smoother and easier transition to finding a new home for your pet. Click here to access the form. Thank you for your cooperation.

Informational Videos on Cats & Dogs

Cat Information Videos

Dog Information Videos

Volunteers Needed

Bay County Animal Control is seeking volunteers to assist in the care and welfare of dogs and cats at the Animal Control Shelter. Volunteers must be 18 years of age. We are looking for motivated individuals willing to exercise dogs in walking them and/or socializing with them in an exercise area. Those looking forward to their involvement in these areas should visit the Shelter, 800 Livingston Ave., Bay City, MI, between the hours of 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday though Friday and 9:00 a.m. to 1 p.m., on Saturday. By working with committed volunteers, we are able to rescue hundreds of animals every year, while providing them with loving temporary care.