Juvenile Detention

Juli Reynolds, Director

Bay County Juvenile Home
520 West Hampton Road
Essexville, MI 48732-9710
Voice: (989) 892-4519

ADA Information


To provide safety, security and structured care while supervising the youth in our custody. We are committed to demonstrating integrity, honesty and respect for youth, families, co-workers and community through positive role modeling.



To create and develop a long and withstanding change in how youth are viewed and valued by others and more importantly themselves.


Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect


The Bay County Juvenile Home (BCJH) is operated under the Office of the Bay County Executive.  The facility is licensed by the State of Michigan as a Child Caring Institution.  The BCJH is a 29 bed co-ed, secure facility for youth between the ages of 10-17 (Youth under the age of 13 are only accepted under special circumstances with approval from the Director). The function of juvenile detention is to provide temporary care for youth requiring secure custody pending court and disposition or pending transfer to another jurisdiction or agency.  Youth are admitted only by court order; voluntary placements can not be accepted. Bay County primarily houses Bay County youth.  Out of county youth are accepted with approval at a per diem of $170 to $185. Please see this memorandum regarding status offenders and violations of court orders./

Please be advised that submitting an intake request is the first step and that the intake must be approved before making arrangements for transport.  Please check your email junk/spam folder.

Intake Request Form

Referring Agency Acknowledgement of Policy

Referring Agency Information Packet

When scheduling court for your youth please contact the facility to schedule.  Many hearings are virtual and can cause scheduling conflicts as we have limited computers and staff to manage multiple hearings at one time. 



Parent basic Information and Policy Packet

Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement of Policy

Medical Consent Form

Dental Consent Form 

Immunization Consent Form 

All approved visitors who wish to meet with youth face to face must have an appointment prior to entering the building and:

  • Must not be ill or displaying symptoms of illness

The BCJH was established to provide temporary care and services in secure and safe custody to juveniles ages 10-17 who are charged of a crime, adjudicated, pending court action or awaiting transfer to another facility and who cannot be served in an open setting. The Bay County Juvenile Home is committed to treating youth in a least restrictive manner which respects the individual while providing a safe and secure environment for all residents and staff. Basic purposes of the facility are to:

  • Provide a safe and secure environment for residents and staff.
  • Provide for resident's basic needs, such as shelter, food, clothing and access to emergency medical and dental care.
  • Prevent the violation of resident's legal rights during detainment at the Bay County Juvenile Home.
  • Provide for the physical, emotional, religious, educational and social needs during detainment.
  • House the youth in a safe and humane environment, maintaining the level of security necessary to prevent escape and assures that the youth lives free of fear assault or intimidation. 


Juvenile Home Staff - Youth Development Worker (YDW)

All employees complete a minimum of 50 hours of orientation and training prior to assignment and receive a minimum of 25 hours training annually relevant to their position. All employees go through a criminal back ground check prior to assignment and additional criminal background checks are completed throughout the Youth Development Worker's employment.  Youth Development Workers are all certified in adult CPR and First Aid as well as in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention.

Visiting Days and Times

Visitation for residents is limited to approved parents/guardians, legal step-parents and grandparents on the following days and times:

In person visits are by appointment only and are limited to one visit per week

Wednesdays 6:00pm to 7:30pm phone calls and virtual

Sundays 3:00pm to 4:30pm phone calls and virtual

Phone and virtual visits are first come first serve.   

Probation Officers, Attorneys, Therapists and others who have approved professional contact with youth please call and arrange a time to meet with the youth.

Phone calls are allowed in the order they are received and limited to 15 minutes.  Allowing unauthorized persons on the phone to speak with residents may result in loss of phone privileges.

Medical Services for Residents

If the resident to be detained takes prescribed medication, please be sure to bring the prescribed medication at the time of intake.  The medication must be in a pharmacy-dispensed bottle with instructions for administration on the bottle or written from the doctor.  Many factors are involved with allowing the youth to take the medication immediately.  Medications need to be verified and discrepancies in number or type of pills need to be researched. The following information should be on the prescription bottle:

  • Name and Address of pharmacy
  • Date of prescription or refill
  • Number of pills prescribed
  • Name of physician
  • Name of patient
  • Medication name
  • Dosage
  • Direction for use-including precautions if any

There is a nurse on site periodically throughout the week to meet basic needs of residents.  Referrals for out of the facility services are made as necessary.  The Bay County Juvenile Home does not transport residents outside of the facility for routine or non-urgent medical needs. 


It is required by the State of Michigan through licensing that residents of this facility receive immunizations within 30 days of intake.  See Rule regarding immunizations here.  The Bay County Health Department provides an immunization clinic for residents the first Thursday of each month at no additional cost. The Bay County Health Department records all immunizations on MCIR (Michigan Care Improvement Registry).  Please see this site for vaccination information statements


Dental Services 

It is required by State of Michigan licensing that  a dental examination within 12 months prior to admission shall be documented or there shall be an examination not later than 90 calendar days following admission.  If the dental examination identifies a need for dental treatment, there must be a plan for securing needed treatment within a reasonable amount of time, based on the extent of the dental needs identified. See Rule regarding dental examinations here.Great Lakes Bay Dental Bus arrives on site for a dental clinic about every 60 to 80 days or as needed for residents.  The cost is billed to eligible insurance or referring agency. 

School Program

The school program is a, on site, fully accredited educational program staffed by the Bay Arenac Intermediate School District (BAISD). Classes include core academics following the Michigan curriculum guidelines, physical education, and academic work geared to each youths specific learning needs.  Arrangements can be made for the resident to complete schoolwork from his regularly attended school while lodged at this facility.

Resident Meals

The Bay County Juvenile Home participates in the National School Lunch Program, which ensures the nutritional quality of meals served meet minimum requirements. Residents receive three (3)  meals and a snack each day.  The facility never withholds food as a form of punishment or to induce a particular type of behavior. The BCJH is compliant with the civil rights policies within the NSLP program.

July Breakfast Menu

July Lunch Menu

July Snack Menu

August Breakfast Menu

August Lunch Menu

August Snack Menu

BCJH Wellness Policy

Free Youth Food Program at YMCA 

Meet Up and Eat Up Summer Meals Outreach Program

Call 211 or text Food to 877877 for a Summer School Meals Program location near you 


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