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Tri-Share Program

The Bay Health Plan, Bay County's non-profit program to cover the unisured, announces the start of the new Tri-share program.  Tri-share is a program designed to help Bay County small businesses provide basic healthcare insurance to their employees.

Bay Health Plan pays one-third of the cost of insuring low-income employees.  Tri-share works by having the employer, employee and Bay Health Plan each pay one-third of a low monthly premium (about $53 each for an individual and $100 for an employee and spouse per month).

Employers with 2 -20 employees who employ workers earning $12.00 per hour or less and have not offered health care coverage for at least 6 months may qualify.  Bay Health Plan will subsidize coverage for the workers earning $12.00 or less.

The mission of this nonprofit, public-private partnership is to provide employers with an opportunity to offer basic healthcare coverage to uninsured employees and their spouses in Bay County - no other such program exists in Bay County.  Tri-share offers an affordable medical healthcare package with an attractive benefit plan.

Bay Health Plan is one of 26 County health plans covering 71 counties in Michigan, Bay Health Plan is a partnership between the Bay Health Plan Board of Directors, Bay County and the Bay County Health Department, Bay Regional Medical System, and many other community organizations to provide basic health care coverage to the uninsured.  Bay Health Plan is funded by state, local, and hospital grant revenues.  Bay Health Plan currently provides basic outpatient coverage to 2,638 unisured residents of Bay County.

To learn more, or apply for the Tri-share program, please call, 1-877-trishare (1-800-874-7427).  You may also go online to,

Tri-Share Program
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