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2010 Women's County Tournament

Going into our 3rd year with the new tournament format we are seeing the ladies compete and have a good time.  Our goal is to bring more and more ladies into the event as a tournament atmosphere, but also I good weekend to have fun and make some good memories.  Under the new format we had a GROSS and NET champion crowned for 2010.  For those that do not know what this means let me explain. 

Lets say you average 110 for 18 holes, with our new division if you go out and shoot 110 and we apply your handicap (38 in this case) your NET score is 72.  That's right you shot even par.  This allows everyone to play from a level playing field.  To sum it up, we have 2 divisions gross and net.  You will be placed in whatever division you place the highest in.  It's a win-win combination.  Sign up, bring a friend, tell a friend, and come have a good time at the Bay County Golf Course.

The following are the Champion Golfers of 2010:


2010 Women's Gross County Champion

Kris Popp

Round 181  (+7)

Round 275    (+1)

TOTAL 156  (+8)

Kris Popp what can I say!  She has proven to be the best women's golfer ever to compete at Bay County.  Last year Kris broke the all time record of total championships and this year she added number 9 to her career.  She is going to need a bigger mantle to hold all those trophies.  The amazing stat to her championships is she won all nine in a row...unbelievable!  Kris did make it interesting after shooting an opening round 81, but followed it up with a nice 75 on Sunday!  Great Job Kris! 


2nd placeSuse Iannachionne82+86=168

3rd place Deb Wilson86+84=170

t4th place Kathy Loviska88+  87=175

t4th place  Claudia Klein92  +  83=175


Wendy Greenwood (176), Anne Bates (177), Julie Tabor (183), Norma Kinsey (206), Marilyn Hubert (218), Rebecca Evans (228)



2010 Women's Net County Champion

Kathy Loviska

Round 167  (-6)

Round 266  (-7)

  TOTAL 133    (-13)

Kathy played a great tournament to pull out a victory in our Net division.  With a 13 under par 133 she edged out Norma Kinsey by one shot.  It was quite the dual between the ladies in the Net division and and would like to congratulate Kathy on a job well done!


2nd placeNorma Kinsey   63+71  =134

3rd placeJulie Tabor 66+73=139

4th placeDeb Wilson 72+70=142


Anne Bates (147), Susan Iannachionne (148), Wendy Greenwood (148), Marilyn Hubert (150), Claudia Klein (153), Kris Popp (156), Rebecca Evans (182


 Views from the Tourney.....

(Left)  Susie Iannachionne chips onto the 10th green during the final round.

(Right)  Anne Bates hits a tee shot on #12 during the final round.

(Below)  Kris Popp eyes down a tee shot on route to her 9th victory!

 (Below)  Julie Tabor lines uip a putt on #6 while Tyler Tabor her caddy looks on.  Kathy Loviska and Wendy Greenwood her playing partners are watching in the background.












 (Left)  Deb Wilson hits a nice iron shot on #11 placing her in 3rd place in Gross Division.

(Right)  Kris Popp chips up on #10 en route to a birdie to start her back nine on Sunday.


Did you in it's third year we have a Gross and Net Champion for thr Women's County Tournament?




(Right)Marilyn Hubert gets great extension and puts all she has into it on her drive on #12.  Nice swing Norma! 

(Below)  Norma Kinsey eys down her drive en route to a 2nd place finish in the Net Division.


(Left)  Susan Iannachionne hits her iron shot off of #11.





If you have any questions or interest in this event please contact Brent Goik at (989) 892-2161(989) 892-2161 or  Thank You and we look forward to 2011....