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2009 Senior County Tournament

Well...the 2009 Senior County Tournament proved to be a successful event again under the new format that was added 2 years ago year.  Mother Nature tried to put a dampen on the festivities, cancelling Saturday's round and shortening the event to 27 holes.  However, we had another good tournout of contestants and quality competition in each age group.

Just as our Men's tournament is divided into flights, our Senior tournament is divided into age groups.  The groups consist of 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, and 70-older.  A champion is determined from each age group.  However, we still have our traditional overall champion who wins a golf membership for the following season.  To ensure all age groups compete at a level playing field the 50-54 and the 55-59 age groups play from the blue tees.  Ages 60-64 played from the white tees.  While the 65-69 and the 70-older age groups play from the red tees.

  With Saturday's round being washed out,Sunday the boys played 27 holes to determine the Champion.  With each age group battling our overall winner came from the 65-69 age group.  This was Richard Steven's first Championship in as many attempts.  The following are our 2009 Senior County Champions:

2009 Senior County Champions.....Richard Stevens.....Tom Merkle.....John Janke.....Ben Blissett.....Gene Rhode



 Senior Age 65-69 County Champion


Round 170  -2

*Round 2    35  -1

TOTAL  105  -3 

Richard was the dark horse playing in his first Senior County and capturing the title as well.  At 3 under par for 27 holes Richard proved to be a well deserved Champion.  With this fine score he edge out the title by only 1 shot!  Great Job! 


t2nd place Tim Corcoran68+38=106

t2nd place Joe King68 +38=106

4th placeGary Kinsey78 +33=111

Ron Gobeski (117), Fred Hubert (118), Don Drouin (123), Tom Grange (123), Stan Harwood (123), Jack Kerkau (123), Jim Meylan (123), Charlie Schwartz (126), Bill Walter (126), Richard Jeffers (128), Ray Grills (132)


2009 Senior Age 50-54 Champion

Tom Merkle

Round 1  75  +3

Round 239  +3

TOTAL114  +6

Tom Merkle better known for his baseball abilities showed he's no slouch when it comes to golf.  Taking his first title in as many years Tom's proven a true competitor.  He took the title by 2 shots in the rain shortened event.  Great Work! 


2nd placeRod Wright78+38=116

3rd placeGerald Schroeder 78+40=118

4th placeBrad LaVictor  80+39=119

Terry Horner (120), Tim Horner (122), Dave Hertzler (122), Mike Learman (123), Lyle Popp (124), Paul Revard (125)



2009 Senior Age 55-59 Champion

John Janke

Round 176  +4

Round 238  +2

TOTAL   114    +6

John Janke winner again!  After winning the First Flight of the County Tournament last week, John wasn't finished and came to the senior event to pull off another victory.  A close call winning by 1 shot over defending champion Tom Rezler and Mark Baranek.  Great Job!  


t2nd place Mark Baranek77+38=115

t2nd place Tom Rezler 78+37=115

4th placeDenny Gale 77+43=120

Paul Drzewicki (122), Jim Garzell (128), Dave Herber (131), John Goik (132), Steve Graczyk (132), Tim Roberts (132), Glenn McKenzie (138), Gene Goik (140), Chip L. Kiesel (DQ)



2009 Senior Age 60-64 Champion

Ben Blissett

Round 170  -2

Round 241  +5

 TOTAL    155  +3

Ben Blissett was on fire in his first 18 holes carding 6 birdies and an eagle en route to a 2 under par 70.  He held on his final 9 holes to win by a 3 shot margin.  Ben showed some exceptional play out there and is a deserving Champion!  Great Job! 


2nd placeRon Marande75+39=114

3rd place Dick Linton  78+38=116

4th placeDave Dietlein81+41=122

Bill DeWyse (127), Charlie Glocksine (130), Richard Chapman (131), Fred Leonard (133), Robert Jaenicke (135), John O'Polka (WD)




2009 Senior Age 70-older Champion

Gene Rhode

Round 1 75   +3

Round 237 +2

TOTAL  112  +5

Gene a multiple winner of the tournament brought home another trophy in 2009.  It was a battle to the end edging out Jack LeSage by 1 stroke.  Gene is a staple of the County Golf Course and a true gentlemen.  We are proud to have him as a Champion.  Great job! 


2nd placeJack LeSage75+38=113

3rd placeFred Kotewa78+39=117

4th placeBob Katt 85+43=128

Bob Darbee (130), Tom Bliss (134), Dave Cox (134), Ray Goslin (137), Gerald Tackman (147)


Views from the Senior Championship.....


Below) Jim Garzell lines up his approach on #14.






(Above) Mark Baranek uses some body english to bring his ball back to the fairway on #17.

(Right) Fred Leonard who knows this course like the back of his hand, but found himself in a new spot Sunday. 




(Left)  The Goik brothers,  Gene and John take time out to pose for the cameras.  Looks like some intense competition between siblings out there...

 (Below)  Dick Linton stares down his approach on #12, while John O'Polka looks on 

(Below)  Glenn McKenzie lays up and plays safe on the infamous #14.









(Left)The trophy sits and awaits its Champion.... 

(Below)  Bill Walter cleans off his iron to hit his approach into #10.





A Special Thank You goes out to all participants for this year's event.The new format continues to be a success and we strive to build this tournament year in and year out.  Hope to see all of you next season.

Happy Golfing,

Brent Goik

Recreation and Golf Course Supervisor