Department on Aging

Beth Eurich, LBSW - Director
Jessica Somerlott, LBSW - Senior Services Manager
Patty Gomez - Programing Services Manager
Zach Brunett - Nutrition Services Manager

Bay County Building
515 Center Avenue, Suite 202
Bay City, Michigan 48708-5941
Voice: (989) 895-4100
Fax: (989) 895-4094
Toll-free: 1-877-229-9960

Advisory Committee

Meet the 2020 Advisory Board Members

Robin Wiess - Resides in Dist. 1
Term Expiration:  12/31/21

Bonnie Worden - Resides in Dist. 2
Term Expiration:  12/31/20

Dian Behmlander - Resides in Dist. 3
Term Expiration: 12/31/21

Michael Olk - Resides in Dist. 4 
Term Expiration:  12/31/20

Paul Rabidoux - Resides in Dist. 5
Term Expiration:  12/31/21

Mary Donnelly - Resides in Dist. 6 
Term Expiration: 12/31/20

Debbie Russell - Dist. 7 
Term Expiration: 12/31/21

Robert Anderson - Resides in Dist. 7
Term Expiration:  12/31/20 --At Large


On May 2, 1979, the Advisory Committee, Department on Aging, Department of Community Services of Bay County was formed.  The intent and objectives of the Advisory Committee, recognizing the needs of Bay County's 60+ Citizens receive the highest priority in the areas of nutrition, health maintenance, recreation and the preservation of dignity.  The Committee works with the Bay County Department on Aging at all times to attain the highest degree of happiness for 60+ Citizens of Bay County.

An application process is required, reviewed and appointed by their County Commissioner in the district the applicant resides in.The membership of the Committee is made up of Seven Districts, one person per District with and addition person at large.  Term limits are varied.  Four members have a three year term.  Four members have a two year term and two members have a one year term.  At the first meeting of the year, Committee members draw in order to randomly select their length of term. 

The Advisory Committee Members are a hands on group who are valuable to the success of the Bay County Department on Aging.  Their meetings are open to the public and held every other month in the Conference Room at the office of Bay County Department on Aging, Bay County Building, 515 Center Avenue, Second Floor, Bay City.  Their opinions, suggestions and volunteering efforts are appreciated from the staff at the Department along with the 60+ Citizens they represent in Bay County.

Meeting dates for 2020:  Thursdays ~ ,January 16, March 26, May 21, July 16, September 17, and November 19 ~ 9:30 - 11:00 a.m.
Conference Room, Second Floor, Bay County Building