Department on Aging

Beth Eurich, LBSW - Director
Jessica Somerlott, LBSW - Senior Services Manager
Patty Gomez - Programing Services Manager
Zach Brunett - Nutrition Services Manager

Bay County Building
515 Center Avenue, Suite 202
Bay City, Michigan 48708-5941
Voice: (989) 895-4100
Fax: (989) 895-4094
Toll-free: 1-877-229-9960

Caregiver Support and Education Program

The Caregiver Support and Education program is designed to help family members who are struggling to care for their loved ones who are ill or have disabilities.  The caregiver is the focus of attention.  Education on the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of caregiving is provided.  A major goal of this program is to help the caregiver learn to take care of her/himself in order to preserve their ability to care for their loved one.  The program offers specialized training materials for caregivers of those with dementia.  There is no cost for the program, however, either the caregiver or the care receiver must be age 60 or over and resident of Bay County.Division on Aging has produced a Caregiver Training Guide, which is provided free upon the first in-home visit.  The guide includes information on a variety of helpful topics and includes an appendix of resource information.

To make a referral to the program, please call Bay County Department on Aging and request that a referral be made to the In-Home Caregiver Training Program.  Please place the request in the caregivers name and provide information on the best time we can reach the caregiver to set up an appointment. 

For more information, call Bay County Department on Aging at (989) 895-4100 or toll-free at 1-877-229-9960.