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Zach Brunett - Nutrition Services Manager

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Respite Care

Eligibility and Information for the In-Home Respite Care Program

In-Home Respite Care is intended to provide a break for caregivers. Caregivers can take this opportunity to leave the home or even stay home and catch up on a book or nap, etc.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • The care receiver must require continual supervision in order to live in their own home or the home of the caregiver.
  • The care receiver must require a substitute caregiver while their primary caregiver is in need of respite.
  • The care receiver must be at least 60 years or better and a Bay County Resident. The caregiver must be a Bay County resident. Services may only be provided within Bay County.
  • The care receiver must be able to toilet and take medications independently or with reasonable accommodation.
  • Registered Nurse will complete an assessment of needs to determine that eligibility has been met before services may begin. An emergency plan, care plan and donation request form will be completed at time of assessment. A signature will be obtained that client has received and understands the Medication Handling Procedure. A home visit for reassessment is required every 180 days and a monitoring call about services every 60 days.

Worker provides companionship, supervision, light meal preparation, medication cues, and activities.

  • Activities may include games, cards, puzzles, reading out loud, watching movies/TV, reminiscence thru photo albums or videos, and other reasonable activities approved by the Senior Services Manager.
  • Light meal preparation includes heating pre-prepared food, sandwich, and soup.
  • Outdoor activities are allowed for those that are safe to do so and if approved by the Registered Nurse or Senior Services Manager. Medication Handling Procedure:
  • Worker may not touch medications in the home or place medication into a care receivers’ mouth or hand. Medications may be left in a container and the worker may provide a beverage and verbally cue the care receiver to take the medication.
  • A copy of the medication handling procedure will be given to each caregiver at the time of assessment and a signature will be obtained from the caregiver stating that they have received and understand the policy.
  • When possible, medications should be administered by the caregiver prior to or following respite visits.
  • Worker cannot administer over the counter medications or medications that are not left in a container noted for verbal cueing.

Exclusions to Services

  • Worker is not able to transport clients, provide cleaning, shopping, or bath services.
  • Worker is not able to provide pet care.
  • Worker is not able to provide lifting of care receiver.
  • Worker is not able to assist with diapering or clean up after toileting.