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Adoption Division

Lynn Szczypka
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How do I access my adoption record?

Adoption records are sealed from the public after they have been filed. Check with the adoption agency associated with your adoption first. You must be at least 18 years old to request any information or to pursue a filing.

Requests for information from closed adoption records must be in writing and verification of identity must be presented with the request. Verification includes a copy of the requester’s photo identification (driver’s license, State ID, School ID, Work ID, Prison Photo, etc.). In some circumstances, birth certificates, marriage licenses, and death certificates may also be necessary to verify a relationship.

This request must be sent to:

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
Central Adoption Registry
235 S. Grand Ave. Suite 517
PO Box 30037
Lansing, MI 48909

Who can request?

Adult adoptees, former parents, adult siblings of an adoptee related through birth or adoption by at least one common parent, grandparents, adult children of a deceased adoptee, adoptive parents of a minor, or the adopted person may request information from a closed adoption record. The relationship to the adoptee, the date when the biological parent’s parental rights were relinquished or terminated, and/or if there are statements of consent or denial in the Registry, will determine whether the requestor can receive identifying information.

Former parents, siblings, grandparents, and adoptive parents will only receive non-identifying information. Non-identifying information includes the name of the County Court where the adoption was finalized. This information will allow these parties to then contact the Court and request the services of a Confidential Intermediary, for further search and reunion efforts if desired.

What if I don’t know where my adoption was finalized?

If the adult adoptee does not know where their adoption was finalized, they can contact the Department of Community Health (DCH), Vital Records by written request and obtain the court information along with a copy of the amended birth certificate. DCH will only release the court information to the adult adoptee.


The Bay County Family Court processes adoption petitions for direct placement, agency, adult, stepparent, and relative adoptions. The Family Court also accepts petitions regarding post-adoption matters, including confidential intermediary services.

There are several different kinds of adoptions; slightly different procedures apply to each. The information on this page is meant to assist with frequently asked questions because Court staff cannot give legal advice. Please consult an attorney for more detailed information and answers or go to Michigan Legal Help for free online information.

Contact the probate court for any questions regarding foreign-born adoption.

Helpful Information

  • Jurisdiction: Petitioner(s) and/or adoptee must be a resident of Bay County or the termination of parental rights occurred or are pending termination in Bay County.
  • Family Court Staff cannot give legal advice.
  • Forms are available through the Michigan Courts Website: courts.michigan.gov.
  • Filing fees and investigation fees are due at the time the petition is submitted for filing.
  • Adoptees must provide written consent if they are 14 years old or older.
  • Petitioners are responsible for serving papers and paying for the cost of service or publication.
  • Vital Records Form Adoption Report

Order of Adoption

An order of adoption gives all parental responsibility of the adopted child to the approved adopters. This order severs all legal ties between the child and birth parents, giving adoptive parents full legal custody of the child.

Use the checklists below to assist you in understanding the process:

Step-Parent Adoption Checklist

Adult Adoption Checklist

If you are seeking a certified copy of the Order of Adoption, please file the notarized Petition for Adoption Information and Order - PCA 327 and the $11 filing fee made payable to Bay County Juvenile Court.

Post-Adoption Services

Seeking Non-Identifying and/or Identifying Information

Probate Courts maintain and may release certain information from adoption records only to adult adoptees, biological parents, adult biological siblings, or adoptive parents. The type of information that can be released to the above-mentioned individuals varies.

The law divides the information that may be released in adoption records into two categories:

Non-identifying Information: This includes given first name, the hospital you were born in, any medical information, description of what the birth parents looked like at the time, education, siblings, and if the termination was voluntary or a court decision. Former parents, siblings, grandparents and adoptive parents may receive non-identifying information upon request.

Identifying information: This includes the release of the birth parent’s information at the time of termination.

Read the DHHS Pamphlet - Release of Information From Michigan's Adoption Records for more information.

Closed Adoption File

Non-Identifying Information

If you are seeking only non-identifying information from a closed adoption file, perform the following procedure:

  1. File the Request for Non-Identifying Information (court document PDF) with the Juvenile Court.

  2. Submit a copy of your photo identification.

  3. Pay the $25 filing fee made payable to Bay County Juvenile Court.

Identifying Information and/or Non-Identifying Information

If you are seeking only identifying or both identifying and non-identifying information from a closed adoption file perform the following procedure:

  1. File a notarized Petition for Adoption Information and Order - PCA 327.

  2. Submit a copy of your photo identification.

  3. Submit a Release of Information Authorization Adult Adoptee - DHS-1920 with the Juvenile Court.

  4. Pay the $25 filing fee, per request, made payable to Bay County Juvenile Court.

Safe Delivery

Safe Delivery allows parents to safely surrender their newborn child no more than 72 hours old to an employee who is inside and on duty at any hospital, fire department, police station, or by calling 911. This program is a safe, legal and anonymous alternative to abandonment or infanticide and releases the newborn for placement with an adoptive family.

For more information, visit: MDHHS - Safe Delivery

Safe Delivery Hotline: 866-733-7733




Initial Filing Fee (due at time of filing)


Adult Adoption Investigation Fee


Step-parent, Guardian, Relative/Non-Relative Adoption Investigation Fee


Motion Fee(s)


Order Fee


Vital Record Fee* - Change of Birth Certificate


Record Copy Fee - Per Page


*If the adoptee was born in the State of Michigan the Vital Record Fee must be made payable to the State of Michigan.

*If the adoptee was born out of state, fees vary according to state.