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Pet-friendly Travel Tips

For many people, family pets are considered part of their family.  Just like with human beings, cats and dogs experience different levels of stress to new, and or foreign sights, sounds and smells.  As such, responsible pet owners should carefully consider the following tips as they plan their vacation travel plans.

  • Consider a pre-travel vet visit.
  • Attach a pet ID tag, with your name, address, and telephone to the pet's collar.
  • Consider adding a temporary ID tag to the collar, including where you're currently staying.
  • Microchips, tattoos and pet registries are also available.
  • Get all current vaccinations and shots, and secure a rabies tag to the pet's collar. 
  • Consider a Lyme disease vaccination.
  • Keep current records of your pet's vital records and vet's contact methods accessible.
  • Bring medications and prescriptions along on your trip.
  • Consider the use of a crate for short term and travel restraint.
  • Pack a pet first aid kit.  Obtain a vet telephone number for the areas that you to visit.
  • Plan to bring plenty of water for your pet, along with their regular food, water and food bowls and treats.  Keep your pet on their regular schedule.
  • Bring extra pet collars, leashes, chew toys, and pet brushes.
  • Check with your destination whether pets are permitted.  Pets are prohibited from some parks and campgrounds.
  • Carefully consider your pet when you're selecting a campsite.  Selecting a site with adequate tree shade is always helpful.
  • Read the park and understand the rules.  As a pet owner, you have an obligation to act responsibly in caring for your pet.
  • Maintain control of you pet at all times.  Use the pet leash at all times.  Do not leave a pet unattended.
  • Respect for other campers and the wildlife includes ensuring that your dog doesn't bark.
  • Closely monitor your pet around other people, children and pets.
  • Always pick up immediately after your pet.  Use ziplock bags to pick up after them and properly dispose of it in appropriate trash containers.
  • Give your pet time to adjust to their surroundings.  Give them adequate water and rest breaks.
  • Watch that your pet doesn't get tangled around tent poles, or stakes, tables, trees.
  • Make sure that your pet gets regular exercise.  Also consider the effect of activity and energy levels on your pet.
  • Be aware of how the weather may affect your pet – heat, cold, rain, etc.
  • Carefully consider where you place your pet's food, as this food may attract insects and wildlife.
  • Consider your pets sleeping arrangements.
  • Be courteous of others as you walk your pet.  Keep your pet calm and controlled.
  • Be aware that your pet may be exposed to ticks, fleas, and other insects.  Use proper repellents, and flea/tick collars when possible.