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Joel Strasz - Public Health Officer
Andre Reed - Deputy Health Officer
Emily Nelson - Public Health Nursing Services Manager
Melissa Opheim - Public Health Services Manager/EPC
Amy Revette - WIC Manager
Mark Pickell - Business Services Manager
Joel Kwiatkowski - Environmental Health Manager
Dr. Thomas Bender - Medical Director
Dr. William Morrone - Medical Examiner
Bay County Health Department
1200 Washington Avenue
Bay City, Michigan 48708
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On-Site Septic Contractors Exam 

 Registration is required to take the exam


Bay County Health Department
1200 Washington Avenue
Bay City, MI  48708 

Exam Fee $52.00


Monday - Friday between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m








By filling out the registration form, paying the fee, and passing the exam, your company will be included on our list of registered sewage system installers in Bay County. This list is distributed to customers upon request. 

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact the Bay County Health Department/Environmental Health Division at (989) 895-4006 #3. Thank you for your cooperation.

Registration is valid for three years inclusive of the year you take the exam.






It is a requirement of the Sanitary Code of Bay County, Michigan that you register your company with the Environmental Health Division of the Bay County Health Department in order to allow you to build or install septic systems in Bay County. Section 6-14 of the Sanitary Code of Bay County, Michigan states:

No person shall engage in the business of installing sewage disposal systems or any part thereof within the County of Bay, without first registering with the Bay County Health Department. Registration shall be valid for 3 years, including the calender year in which the license is issued, and shall expire on December 31.  All applicants shall complete a written examination proctored by a representative of the Bay County Health Department Environmental Health Division.  Upon satisfactory completion of the written examination, the results will be reviewed and incorrect responses shall be reviewed with the applicantA minimum score of 70% must be achieved to satisfactorily complete the written examination.  A $50.00 test fee, made payable to the Bay County Health Department, shall be submitted at the time that the test application is submitted.