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Sheriff Cunningham warns residents of phone scam using his name

Sheriff Cunningham would like to warn Bay County residents of a recent phone scam that has been reported.

Victims of the scam have reported that they received a phone call from a male caller identifying themselves as Sheriff Cunningham and/or specific Bay County Sheriff’s Office personnel. The caller ID may even appear to be from a working Sheriff’s Office phone number.

Sheriff Cunningham stated that the scammers will then request potential victims to make a payment through a “Green Dot MoneyPak Card” or “Prepaid Debit Card” to prevent an arrest, release someone from jail, or other law enforcement related situations.

Sheriff Cunningham would like residents to be aware that at no time would the Bay County Sheriff’s Office ever accept this as a form of payment for any kind of fine, fee, or charge. Sheriff Cunningham himself will not personally call you and request that you make payment to him or his department over the phone.

  • If you receive a suspicious call like this please DO NOT give out any personal information or send any money.
  • NEVER make a wire transfer or electronic payment to an unknown person.
  • DO NOT always believe your caller ID as scammers can use apps or computer programs to alter the number they are calling from.
  • REMEMBER that no member of Bay County Sheriff’s Office will call you and ask you to make a payment over the phone.

Sheriff Cunningham is urging everyone to talk to their family members about these types of incidents especially senior citizens as they are commonly targeted in scams like this.

At any time if you receive a suspicious phone call from any Law Enforcement Agency in Bay County do not hesitate to contact the Bay County Sheriff’s Office at 989-895-4050 to ask questions and verify the legitimacy of the phone call.