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Sarah Tackebury - Nursing and Clinical Services Manager
Emily Nelson - Public Health Nursing Services Manager
Melissa Opheim - Public Health Services Manager/EPC
Amy Revette - WIC Manager
Mark Pickell - Business Services Manager
Joel Kwiatkowski - Environmental Health Manager
Dr. Thomas Bender - Medical Director
Dr. William Morrone - Medical Examiner
Bay County Health Department
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Maternal Infant Health Program (MIHP)

(989) 895-4004

The Maternal Infant Health Program (MIHP) is a home visiting service provided by a Registered Nurse and Licensed Social Worker. It is for all pregnant women and infants with Medicaid. The goal of MIHP is healthy pregnancies, good birth outcomes and healthy infants. MIHP is a Michigan Department of Health and Human Services program.

MIHP home visitors are experienced health professionals who can:

  • Help you get transportation to medical appointments and WIC, if needed
  • Help you get prenatal care
  • Answer questions about being pregnant
  • Answer questions about caring for your infant
  • Help you get food or a place to live
  • Help you learn about fixing and eating healthy foods
  • Help with changes that you decide to make to be healthy. These changes could include quitting or cutting down on smoking, alcohol or drugs.
  • Help with health problems that could affect your pregnancy. These problems include diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, depression or anxiety.
  • Help if you are concerned about family violence
  • Answer Questions about family planning (birth control)
  • Connect you with community services. These services include childbirth education classes and baby pantries that give out items for free.
  • Be there for you if problems come up


Pregnancy and Childbirth Community Connections

Childbirth Series
Expectant mothers and their support person(s) can attend Childbirth Series parenting information and support classes at McLaren Bay Region in Bay City.  Available to residents of Bay and Arenac Counties, sessions provide key facts about pregnancy, natural and cesarean birth, postpartum, and baby care.  Labor coping skills such as breathing, relaxation, positive positions and massage are practiced.

Services: Expectant mothers and their support persons(s)
Agency: McLaren Bay Region
Phone: (877) 411-2762


Labor and Delivery Refresher Class
Expectant mothers, who have had a previous child or two, and their support person(s) can attend a Labor and Delivery Refresher Class. This review of the labor and birth process provides some focus on what to expect with a second or third birth, including the postpartum period.  Key information is also provided on helping the family's other children with the adjustment of a new baby in the home.

Services: Expectant mothers and their support person(s)
Agency: McLaren Bay Region
Phone: (877) 411-2762


Teen Pregnancy and Childbirth Series
Parenting education and support information is available to pregnant teens and their support person(s) through the Teen Pregnancy and Childbirth Series provided for residents of Bay and Arenac Counties at McLaren Bay Region in Bay City. The childbirth educational information is specifically geared toward teenage mothers-to-be.

Services: Pregnant teens and their support person(s)
Agency: McLaren Bay Region
Phone: (877) 411-2762


Infant Mental Health Program
An intensive, home-based mental health treatment service, focused on the relationship between parent and child, is available to eligible families with infants and young children up to three-years old. This program provides individual and family therapy, parent/child psychotherapy, case management, advocacy, information/education regarding parenting/child development, and assistance with accessing psychiatric help. Services are aimed at helping parents address family stresses in a healthy manner, while identifying mental health concerns and learning healthy parenting techniques.  Encouraging positive parent-child relationships and fostering the healthy growth and development of children are key goals.


Services: Families with infants or young children up to three-years old. Eligibility criteria includes: Parent with Medicaid, or low income without insurance; An infant/toddler with Medicaid insurance; Parent has mental health concerns; The parent-child relationship or the ability to form healthy attachments is adversely affected.
Agency: Bay Arenac Behavioral Health
Phone: To Request Services call 1-800-448-5498. For Questions call (989) 895-2240



Michigan Maternal and Child Health Local and State Reports