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Friend of the Court

Michael R. Kinsella J.D, Director

Bay County Court Facility
1230 Washington Avenue, Suite 660
Voice: (989) 895-4295

Senior Support Staff

Systems Manager - Jodi Zawacki (ext. 4264)

  • Our Systems Manager handles surcharge reviews in addition to the logistics of system holds that have been placed on system cases; furthermore, she reviews support agreements that have been submitted and signed by both parties.

Senior Enforcement Specialist - Johanna Nowak (ext. 3112)

  • Our Sr. Enforcment Specialist concentrates on bankruptcies, license suspensions, and leins that have been put on personal asset properties.

Senior Enforcment Case Manager - Sally Johnston (ext. 3108)

  • Parties will meet with our Sr. Enforecment Case Manager when a party files a In Pro Per, Pro se Motion Regarding Support. In addition, she oversees the enforcement aspect of our Support Analysts.

Senior Financial Case Manager - Anne Clayton (ext. 3113)

  • The Sr. Financial Case Manager handles all probate and juvenile court issues in addtion to overseeing the financial aspect of our Support Analysts.