Bay City Economic Development Corporation

Bay City Economic Development Corportation
City of Bay City
301 Washington Avenue, Room 406
Bay City, MI 48708

OFFICE: 1-989-894-8156
OFFICE: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.


Application fee of $250. Contact organization for details. Businesses must be located in or planning to locate in Bay City. A government entity which promotes economic development in Bay City. Bay Metro bus routes Nos. 4 and 9 stop at the front door of city hall and is handicapped accessible.

Sort Keys:
Community economic development
Business loans
Promotion of tourism/business/industry
Business district revitalization
Small business development

Serves Bay City area. Offers tax exempt bonds to qualifying businesses at low interest rates. Encourages businesses to choose locations in Bay City, and helps them relocate. Offers financial aid for business expansion. Help businesses acquire tax abatements by setting up tax increment finance districts in Bay City. Conducts redevelopment studies of commercial and industrial areas in Bay City, and makes projects of their long-term viability.