The Saginaw Bay Coastal Initiative (SBCI) is a group of interested people, businesses, and local governments in the bay front communities of: Arenac, Bay, Huron, Iosco, Midland, Saginaw, and Tuscola collaborating with state and federal agencies for actions to improve the Saginaw Bay.  For more information on Environmental Issues, please check out the webpage for the Environmental Affairs and Community Development Department. 

 Upcoming Events & Community Programs:

Spring into Action to Help Protect the Saginaw Bay!
It's spring and as thoughts turn to outdoor activities, we need to remember that we can all do our part to help protect the Saginaw Bay! Please click HERE to find out ways you can make a difference.

Yellow Jug Old Drugs Program:
Yellow Jug Old Drugs is a program operated by Great Lakes Clean Water Organization to collect and properly dispose of unwanted/unused drugs in a safe and approved manner to help keep our water clean. Individuals bring in unused/unwanted/expired drugs to their local pharmacy for proper disposal. The Yellow Jug Old Drugs containers and contents are picked up at pharmacies and are then transported to a Waste-to-Energy facility for secure and assured destruction. Click HERE to find a participating pharmacy in your area.

Dispose My Meds Program:
Dispose My Meds is an online resource to help you to find medication disposal programs at the local independent community pharmacy near you. More than 100 different pharmaceuticals have been detected in lakes, rivers, reservoirs and streams throughout the world. Pharmaceuticals are being detected in the environment and there is genuine concern that these compounds, in the small concentrations that they're at, could be causing impacts to human health or to aquatic organisms.

Exploring the Cass River and it's Watershed:
The Cass River Watershed encompasses an area of 908 square miles (approx. 578,812 acres), contains 1352 total river miles and hundreds of miles of county drains. The Cass River flows to the Saginaw River and eventually to Saginaw Bay. Located in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula Thumb Region the watershed includes portions of Genesee, Huron, Lapeer, Saginaw, Sanilac, and Tuscola counties.  Communities in the watershed include Bridgeport, Cass City, Caro, Frankenmuth, Marlette, Millington, Tuscola, Vassar, and Ubly.

The Saginaw Bay Coastal Initiative (SBCI) holds monthly its monthly meetings on the 3rd Thursday of each month, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Bay County Building, 515 Center Avenue, 2nd Floor Old Commission Chambers, Bay City, Michigan.

  • Monday, March 17, 2014 - Great Lakes Shallow Draft Recreational Harbor Stakeholder Meeting:
    Bay County Commissioners have worked to set up a local webinar viewing site at the Bay County Building in Bay City for this important meeting put on by the Army Corps of Engineers regarding recreational harbor dredging and the Small harbors Coalition. This viewing site will allow for live participation in the meeting including the opportunity for you to offer input. The meeting will present info as well as take stakeholder input on local concerns . . . meaning this is a very good opportunity to share how low water impacts our communities, businesses and recreational opportunities. Also they might be interested in hearing your views on the need for the compensation works for the St. Clair River. The webinar will be held on Monday, March 17, 2014 from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the Bay County Commission Chambers located on the 4th Floor of the Bay County Building, 515 Center Avenue, Bay City, Michigan 48708. You do not need to sign up for this meeting.

  • Saginaw Bay Watershed and Area of Concern  (March 2012)

  • An Assessment and Status Report of Beach Closings in the Saginaw River/Bay Area of Concern (April 2011)

Friday, February 22, 2013 - Saginaw Bay WIN/SBCI Coordination Meeting: 
There will be a Saginaw Bay Watershed Initiative Network (WIN)/Saginaw Bay Coastal Initiative (SBCI) Coordination Meeting taking place onFriday, February 22, 2013 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Delta College PlanetariumSpace Explorers Hall located at 100 Center Avenue, Bay City, Michigan 48708. The purpose of this meeting is to provide updates on projects that affect the Saginaw Bay and surrounding water ways from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS), and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ). This meeting is sponsored by the Saginaw Bay Watershed Initiative Network (WIN) and the Saginaw Bay Coastal Initiative (SBCI).  For more information please check out the meeting PRESS RELEASE.

Maps of Interest:

Bing Map Link for Birds Eye Viewer of Bay City State Recreation Area 

Shoreline Viewer Website Birds Eye Viewer of the Upper Peninsula

The Great Lakes Shoreviewer provides professional color photography of every inch of coastline (and many islands) in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (Lake Superior, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron). Each coastline photo also has a series of maps showing important natural features for planning and protection efforts.

Saginaw Bay Coastal Initiative Regional Meetings:

Δ SBCI CSO Workgroup

SBCI Phosphorus Committee:

Phosphorus Ban
Δ Phosphorus Ban Information
Phosphorus Policy Advisory Committee - Final Report - Prepared by Public Sector Consultants, Inc. 
Δ SBCI Phosphorus Committee Recommendation Letter - 2009 
Δ SBCI Phosphorus Committee Final Report - 2009
Δ NOAA - Phosphorus Sources and Impacts on Water Quality in Saginaw Bay

SBCI Program Updates
Some of the goals of the SBCI are, but not limited to:

∞ Enhancing Tourism
∞ Improving Fisheries
∞ Understanding the algae (muck) problem, including evaluating potential human health risks
∞ Protecting high quality coastal wetlands
∞ Increasing access to the Saginaw Bay
∞ Controlling Phragmites
∞ Implementing the Kawkawlin River Watershed Initiative
∞ Enhancing the Saginaw River corridor

Links and Reports:
Please enjoy these links to reports and information regarding the SBCI and other water quality issues.

Δ DEQ/Partnership for Saginaw Bay Report:  An Assessment and Status Report of Beach Closing in the Saginaw River/Bay Area of Concern - FINAL (April, 2011)

Δ Saginaw Bay WIN: Enhancing Fish Passage Over Low-Head Barrier Dams in the Saginaw River Watershed (December, 2005)
 Bay City State Park Master Plan - 1994
Δ Council of Great Lakes Governors Website
Geographic Information Systems and Water Resources IV - AWRA Spring Specialty Conference - Spatially Modeling Nonpoint Source Pollution Loadings in the Saginaw Bay Watersheds with the DLBRM
Great Lakes Regional Collaboration Strategy to Restore and Protect the Great Lakes
Δ Great Lakes Protection and Restoration Federal Action Priorities
Δ Healthy Waters, Strong Economy: The Benefits of Restoring the Great Lakes Ecosytem - By: Austin, Anderson, Courant, and Litan
Δ Kawkawlin River Watershed Monitoring Project Report
- By: Bay County Health Department and MDEQ
Δ Lake Huron BiNational Partnership Action Plan - 2004
Δ Natural Resource Damages: A Primer (NRDA)
 - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
S.B.C.I information from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Δ Potential Public Health Risks Associated with Pathogens in Detritus Material ("Muck") in Saginaw Bay Study
Δ Preliminary Water Quality Testing of Lake Huron Shoreline Muck Samples- By: Tomoyuki Shibata and Joan Rose

Δ Phosphorus Policy Advisory Committee - Final Report


- Prepared by Public Sector Consultants, Inc.
Δ Quantifing Sediment and Nutrient Loads to Saginaw Bay - GLERL NOAA
Δ SBCI Phosphorus Committee Recommendation Letter - 2009
Δ SBCI Phosphorus Committee Final Report - 2009
Δ NOAA - Phosphorus Sources and Impacts on Water Quality in Saginaw Bay
Δ Bay County Phosphorus Ban Webpage
Δ Be Phosphorus Smart Webpage

Δ Road Ends at Saginaw Bay
Saginaw Bay Community Sailing Association
Δ Saginaw Bay Public Access Sites - Bay County
 Saginaw Bay Public Access Site Survey - 1982 - By: G. Coudy and W. Yocum
Δ Saginaw Bay Road Ends - Tuscola County
Δ Saginaw Bay Website - Lots of things to see and places to play in Beautiful Saginaw Bay!

Δ Saginaw River/Bay Remedial Action Plan - Volume 1
Δ Saginaw River/Bay Remedial Action Plan - Volume 2


Please enjoy these pictures of the Bay County State Park, Saginaw Bay and the Beach Wellness Team's clean up efforts.

A great day at the Beach

Picture: People at the beach

Bay City State Park ... stop by and enjoy the beach! 

Picture: Coastline of Beach





The Floating dock in at State Park 

Picture: Floating Docks at State Park Beach

 It's always a great day ... as long as your near the water!

 Picture: State Park Beach





Bay City State Park Beach 

Picture: Saginaw Bay

Check out that nice clean sand! 

Picture: Sand at State Park





Boater's Beach . . . Every Boater's paradise! 

Picture: Boater's Beach

There is nothing more beautiful than a sunset!

Picture: Sunset    





Ernie Krygier using his tractor to clean up the beach

Picture: Ernie on his Tractor

Beach Grooming equipment, doing its job!

Picture: Beach Grooming equipment





Don't worry, we will get that all cleaned up!

Picture: Checkin out the muck

Check out the difference! And thats just the beginning!

Picture: Cleaning up the beach



Look at how beautiful the beach looks now!

Raising Money for the beach . . . Playing Volleyball!



Fourth of July weekend at the Beach!

Fourth of July weekend at the Beach!




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