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Unified Work Program

The transportation planning Unified Work Program (UWP) integrates work to be performed by the Bay County Transportation Planning Division (BCTPD) which represents the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), the Bay Metro Transit Authority (BMTA) and the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) into a single document. The 2012 UWP describes the transportation planning tasks scheduled for the period from October 1, 2011 to September 30, 2012. These planning activities are supported by federal, state, and local funds.

The UWP identifies transportation issues and problems facing the Bay County area. It then identifies specific work tasks to address these issues and a proposed budget associated with those issues. Also, included in the UWP is information relevant to funding sources, budget summaries, completion schedules and indirect costs.

FY 2018 Unified Work Program (BCATS Approved 2017-06-21)

FY 2017 Unified Work Program (BCATS Approved 2016-06-22)  

FY 2016 Unified Work Program (BCATS Approved 2015-06-17) 

FY 2015 Unified Work Program (BCATS Approved 2014-06-18)

FHWA and FTA Approval  (Approved 2014-08-27)

FY 2014 Unified Work Progam (BCATS Approved 2013-06-19)

FY 2013 Unified Work Program (BCATS Approved 2012-06-20)

FY 2012 Unified Work Program (BCATS Approved 2011-06-15)

FY 2011 Unified Work Program (BCATS Approved 2010-06-16)

FY 2010 Unified Work Program (BCATS Approved 2009-06-24)