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Non-Motorized Transportation

BCATS has recently completed the process of updating the BCATS Non-Motorized Transportation Plan.  This plan, approved by the BCATS policy Committee on April 21, 2021, focuses on ways to improve, enhance, and expand the transportation system and safety in the Bay City area for bicyclist, pedestrians, and other non-motorized modes of transportation. 

The first non-motorized specific plan created by BCATS was the 1980 Bicycle Plan. Some of the key elements of the plan involved increased safety with an emphasis on separation of bicyclists from motor vehicles, improvement of street maintenance, and increase motorist's awareness of bicycle paths. The 1980 Bicycle Plan was distributed and approved by BCATS Policy Committee members on November 19, 1980.

The follow up to the 1980 Bicycle Plan was the BCATS 1995 Non-Motorized Facilities Plan, which included a list of existing trails in Bay County, as well as improvement and expansion plans for those trails. BCATS Committee members approved the 1995 Non-Motorized Facilities Plan on May 17, 1995. A culmination of the 1980 and 1995 Bicycle Plans will certainly help devise the 2009 Non-Motorized Plan.

As part of the non-motorized efforts by BCATS, our staff has been a part of the various trail efforts in the region including the Riverwalk/Railtrail committee and the Tri-County Regional Path Study (Tri-City Regional Path Study - Phase 1 Report) looking to connect the trail networks of Bay City, Midland, and Saginaw. Phase 2 of the report was unveiled March 11th 2009 at Delta College and has since been incorporated into the Great Lakes Bay Regional Trail Plan.

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