2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan

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BCATS completed and adopted the 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan in 2017. This plan replaced the 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan which was set to expire on July 31, 2017. The 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan conforms to the federal transportation bill, FAST-Act, signed by President Obama on December 4, 2015. The updated Great Lakes Bay Region Travel Demand Model (Bay City, Midland, & Saginaw) was used to identify current and future deficiencies in the BCATS Federal-Aid system for both the AM and PM peak hours. These deficiencies as well as: future transportation projects, transportation issues and concerns, projected funding levels, and an inventory of the existing transportation network of the Bay City Area are be described in the 2045 plan.

Although the official public comment period has been closed for the 2045 plan, anyone is welcome to submit questions and/or comments on the 2045 plan or any transportation issues, projects, or policies to Ryan Smith, BCATS Director by email at smithr@baycounty.net, by phone at (989) 895-4245, by fax at (989) 895-4068, or by sending a letter to BCATS at:

Ryan Smith
BCATS Director
515 Center Ave, Suite 504 
Bay City, MI 48708

2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (4.7 MB)



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