Bay County Building
515 Center Avenue
Bay City, Michigan 48708-5941

Bay County Land Bank: Bay City Home for Sale

221 and 221½ North Sherman

Invitation to bid on 221 North Sherman - Single family home 1BR /1Bath, 592 square feet also on single lot is 221 ½ North Sherman. $2,500 Minimum Bid, Bids Are Competitive Successful bidder will complete the following within nine (9) months of bid award:

  • Repair all code violations; and
  • 221½ North Sherman, 576 square feet, requires demolition. Demolition shall be carried out per applicable local, state and federal regulations.

In addition:

  • 221 North Sherman must be owner occupied for five (5) years after purchase; and
  • All bidders to show proof of funds and submit a detailed plan outlining costs, time frames to complete and planned use.
  • Deed will be escrowed until demolition of 221½ North Sherman and repairs to 221 North Sherman are completed and bidder receives Certificate of Occupancy from the City of Bay City.

To Submit a Bid:

Fill out this form or come to Bay County Treasurers Office at 515 Center Avenue, Bay City, MI 48706. 

A walkthrough of the property is scheduled for May 13, 2019 at 12-1pm.

Contact the Bay County Treasurer’s Office at 989-895-4285 for information. Deadline for bids is May 20, 2019.