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Bay County Homeowners Play Key Role in Reducing Mosquitoes

Contact: Bay County Mosquito Control, Rebecca Brandt or Mary McCarry, 989-894-4555

Bay County, Michigan - With summer soon approaching, homeowners can play a simple, yet highly effective role in reducing mosquitoes in their neighborhood by identifying potential breeding sites in their own backyard. Mosquitoes need standing water to lay their eggs. Anything that can hold even a half-inch of water for 7 days or more can be a breeding site.

On a weekly basis or after rain events, homeowners are asked to identify and cover anything that can hold water. Turn over buckets, cover garbage cans, put screens over rain barrels, clean birdbaths and wading pools weekly, refresh water in pet dishes daily, pull tarps tightly over boats, and store toys or old tires inside.

Next, identify areas on your property where standing water can’t be eliminated, this could include ponds, ditches, drains, catch basins, or water in woodlots and backyards after it rains. Call Bay County Mosquito Control to have a certified technician perform a property inspection to determine whether these sites are breeding mosquitoes.

If you have an area of your property that you think could breed mosquitoes but isn’t currently holding water, you can call our office and give us permission to have your property checked periodically by our staff throughout the summer.

In any of these circumstances, Bay County Mosquito Control is happy to conduct a property inspection for potential breeding sites and educate residents on ways to control mosquitoes in their own backyard. If desired by the homeowner, Mosquito Control can use naturally-occurring bacterial products to control mosquito larvae for up to 30 days in certain sites.

Taking a few minutes to identify potential breeding sites to reduce mosquitoes will help you out, help us out, and help your neighbors out, too.