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Bay County Health Department Warns of 'Spoofing' Phone Scams

For Immediate Release | October 17, 2019

Over the pastweek, the Bay County Health Department has received a number of calls from allover the state of Michigan and outside of the state, inquiring about calls thatwere made using the Health Department's name and phone numbers. However, thesecalls were not made by any of its staff and the Bay County Health DepartmentNEVER asks for personal or financial information over the phone.

Individuals arefalsely displaying the Health Department's information on consumers' caller IDsand attempting to obtain Medicare insurance information or other sensitiveinformation from the public.  This typeof fraudulent behavior is commonly known as ‘spoofing’.

To protect thesafety of anyone who may receive one of these spoof calls, the HealthDepartment would like to remind the public:

  • Donot provide any personal or financial information over the phone in thesesituations. 
  • Usecaution if you are being pressured by a caller for information immediately.
  • Ifyou get an inquiry from someone who says they represent a company or agovernment agency, verify the authenticity of the caller by confirming theirphone number in the phone book or on the company or agency's website.
  • Andmost importantly, never give out personal information over the phone, such asaccount numbers, Social Security numbers, your mother’s maiden name orpasswords to an unsolicited caller or if you are at all suspicious.
The HealthDepartment is working closely with the county's IT department to resolve theissue. Bay County assures that no databreach has occurred on its behalf or on its infrastructure.