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Better Kid Care (BKC)

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Ann Arnold
Extension Educator

Voice (989) 895-4026
Fax (989) 895-4217
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Access this page directly by visiting www.baycounty-mi.gov/MSUE/BKC.


Picture: The Better Kid Care logo.The Michigan Better Kid Care program envisions all of Michigan's children receiving high-quality care and education so they are ready for school and life. To accomplish this goal, current and new child care providers throughout Michigan will have access to high-quality, evidence-based professional development through MSU Extension.  While our delivery method has changed in recent months, Continuing Educational Units (CEU) and other training services for early childhood educators can still be found.  There are still some low-cost resources available to the early childhood professionals in our area.See the online resource links below as a quick reference:

Web Links for Professionals

Michigan Better Kid Care Website Under Provider Resources, you will find information on running your business, literacy activities for children in your care, and articles on human development.  Under the Events Calendar, online training modules and face-to-face training opportunities are provided.  Under Child Care Partners, you find valuable links to other government and networking systems like:

Michigan State University Electronic CEU Information will provide you access to reprint CEU information that may have been lost.

MSU Extension - Bay County still provides recertification in CPR and first aid.  Call Ann Arnold, Extension educator, at (989) 895-4026 to find out if a class is starting soon.

Web Links for Parents

Michigan Better Kid Care Website Under Parent Resources, you will find information on literacy activities for children, articles on human development, and helpful links on a number of topics facing families today.

To find a licensed day care center or home in your area:

For local parenting and child development education contact Ann Arnold, Extension educator, at (989) 895-4026.