Housing Department

Zachary Brunett, Director

Center Ridge Arms
798 North Pine Road
Essexville, Michigan 48732
Voice: (989) 895-8191
Fax: (989) 895-7419

How to Apply


Information on How to Apply For Our Programs

    Programs Available and Their Waiting List Status:

    Public Housing - WAITING LIST IS OPEN


    Your name will be placed on our waiting list and will be maintained in order of date and time of your application. 

    Accessible Apartments: Accessible apartments will first be offered to families who may benefit from the accessible features who reside at Center Ridge Arms (CRA). If there are no families residing at CRA needing the accessible apartment, it will then be offered to applicants on the waiting list who may benefit from the accessible features. Applicants for these apartments will be selected utilizing the same preferences system as outlined above. If there are no applicants who would benefit from the accessible features, the apartment will be offered to other applicants in the order that their names come to the top of the waiting list. Such applicants must sign a release form stating they will accept a transfer (at their own expense) if, at a future time, a family requiring an accessible feature applies or requires a transfer from a non-accessible apartment. Any family required to transfer will be given a 30-day notice.


    Applying for housing with the Bay County Housing Department is easy!

    1. A perspective resident needs to get an application from the Management Office located at 798 N. Pine Rd. Essexville, MI or click here to download and print your copy to complete and mail:

    2. Download and Print Application

    3. Complete the application in full and submit it to the Housing Department Office along with a picture ID for everyone to be in the household who is 18 years and older.


    When your name reaches the top of our waiting list and we have an apartment available that meets your needs, you will be contacted. At that time we determine your eligibility by verifying your household income, references, and background checks. Once you are determined eligible and the apartment becomes available, you will be moving in!!

    Please make sure you keep us informed of your most up-to-date contact information!  If we cannot contact you, your name could be removed from our waiting list and it would become necessary for you to re-apply should you continue to be interested.