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Joel Strasz - Public Health Director
Sarah Tackebury - Nursing and Clinical Services Manager
Emily Nelson - Public Health Nursing Services Manager
Melissa Opheim - Public Health Services Manager/EPC
Amy Revette - WIC Manager
Mark Pickell - Business Services Manager
Joel Kwiatkowski - Environmental Health Manager
Dr. Thomas Bender - Medical Director
Dr. William Morrone - Medical Examiner
Bay County Health Department
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Hearing & Vision Screening


 Heather  (989) 895-4009 x6151
 Fern  (989) 895-4021
 Fax  (989) 895-4014

Summer 2022 Hearing and Vision Screening Schedule (ages 3-5):
June 2022  July 2022  August 2022

The Public Health Code and State Law in Michigan requires children to have their vision and hearing tested for the first time before entering kindergarten. Children can have their hearing checked by certified technicians before they enter school through the Bay County Health Department. Our technicians go directly to the school from grades K, 2, and 4. Children who do not pass the hearing tests are referred to a diagnostic hearing clinic held at the Health Department. Vision screening is provided to children between the ages of 3 and 5 and to those in grades 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. If a child does not pass the vision test, the child is referred to a physician for more extensive testing.


The main purpose of screening children of this age is to detect any vision and hearing defects and/or loss as early as possible. Difficulties can often be remedied if they are discovered at a time when they are easiest to treat.