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Prescription for Health Pilot Program

This program is funded through a grant from the Bay Area Community Foundation

What is the Prescription for Health Program?

The Prescription for Health Program is intended to help working families who havechronic disease risk in Bay County purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. Theintent of the program is to work with healthcare providers to identifyindividuals with chronic disease risk and identify individuals who will benefitfrom the program. The anticipated short term outcome of this project is toincrease the number of people in Bay County that meet the federal guidelinesfor healthy eating, specifically fruits and vegetables. The long term goal ofthis proposed project is to decrease the incidence of obesity among youth andadults, and to reduce the burden of chronic diseases among Bay CountyResidents. Participants have the ability to receive up to $50.00 in coupons if they follow theguidelines of the program.

 How the Program Works

  • Clinicians will identify potential participants when they come in for an office visit. The clinician will review the patients chart for chronic disease risk and food access difficulty. If the patient is interested in the program the clinician will conduct a very brief survey to gather information about fruit and vegetable consumption, income, difficulty in accessing healthy foods, weight, and chronic disease risk. This information will be used as a means to measure the success of the program at the end of the year. The patient then attends and education session.
  • If a patient agrees to participate in the program they must sign a consent form which allows the doctors office to provide the information collected from the participant to the Bay County Health Department. Once the patient completes the survey and signs the consent form the clinician will provide them with a coupon booklet with $10.00 worth of coupons in $2.00 increments. Participants will be able to redeem these coupons at the Downtown Bay City Farmers Market and the City Market for fresh fruits and vegetables only.
  • Once the patient uses all the coupons they can contact the Bay County Health Department for a refillof another $10.00 coupon booklet.
  • To receive the final $10.00 coupon booklet they must complete a post survey.


  • Adult 18 or older
  • At risk or currently have a chronic disease
  • Cannot be receiving SNAP benefits (food stamps) or WIC Project Fresh

How do I Participate?

Physician will be provided an envelope (one per participant) with all materials needed

  • Patient meets with physician.
  • Physician determines eligibility and need.
  • Physician gives patient pre-survey and consent form to fill out and return along with top sheet of coupon book
  • Physician puts completed survey, consent form, and top sheet of coupon book back in envelope and keeps until Bay County health Department staff collects (weekly).
  • Patient leaves appointment with coupon book of $10.00 they may spend at the Downtown Bay City Farmers Market or the City Market.
  • Patient contacts Bay County Health Department torefill their coupons.
  • Patient completes post survey upon collection of final coupon book.

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