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Dr. Kirk Herrick - Medical Director
Dr. Howard Hurt - Medical Examiner
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Personal Health/Family Planning Services
(989) 895-4015

Family Planning Nurse
Tammy and Chris
Family Planning Nurse Practitioner




Hours of Operation:

Monday - Thursday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
All visits are by appointment only.


The Personal Health/Family Planning Services department provides confidential reproductive services for males and females with priority given to low income persons.

Personal Health/Family Planning Services Goals:

  • Promote the well being of families by giving couples the opportunity to time pregnancies
  • Promote healthy pregnancies
  • Maintain health for men and women by early detection of health problems through routine screening and exam
  • Provide services for low-income men and women who may lack insurance or other means for obtaining such service

Services Provided:

  • General health assessment for men and women, including a physical exam
  • Pap and pelvic exam
  • Testicular exam 
  • Prescription and non-prescription methods of birth control (all FDA approved methods)
  • Pregnancy testing and counseling
  • Preconceptual counseling including lifestyle behaviors that will lead to a healthy pregnancy
  • Risk assessment for hepatitis B and other sexually transmitted diseases
  • Sexually transmitted infection testing, diagnosis and treatment
  • HIV risk assessment, counseling and referral for testing
  • Reproductive health education
  • Sterilization counseling and referral for tubals and vasectomies (free or low cost)
  • Referrals to other programs within the Health Department such as WIC, Maternal Support Services, and Immunizations
  • Referrals to an outside provider for an identified medical, social, or financial problem


Physical Examinations:

Includes laboratory testing for cervical cancer and infections for the following:


Bacterial VaginosisGenital WartsCandidiasis (Yeast)GonorrheaChlamydiaPelvic Inflammatory DiseaseGenital HerpesTrichomoniasis


Approved methods of contraception:

DiaphragmsOral Contraceptive PillsIntrauterine Devices (IUDs)Ortho Evra® Contraceptive PatchDepo-Provera InjectionsMale CondomsEmergency ContraceptionSpermicides (Foam, Film)NuvaRing®Nexplanon


Please Read

  • Services will be provided on a voluntary basis, without coercion to accept services or any particular method of family planning.
  • Services will be provided in a manner that will protect each individual's dignity and will respect the diverse culture and social practices of the service area population.
  • Services will be provided to all without regard to religion, race, color, national origin, heandicap, age, sex, number of pregnancies, marital status, sexual orientation, and contraceptive preference in a manner that protects the dignity of the individual
  • Service delivery to all clients will include the opportunity to participate in planning in their own medical treatment. Clients are encouraged to voice any questions or concerns they may have.
  • The fees for services are based on a sliding fee schedule based on current Federal Poverty Guidelines. Insurances are accepted. Please bring your insurance card wtih you to your appointment. 
  • Payment is expected at the time of service. 
  • Please do not bring small children to your appointment.