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Intrauterine Devices (IUDs)

An IUD stands for intrauterine device.  The Paragard copper IUD is a convenient, highly effective form of contraception.  It requires no daily attention, and does not interfere with sexual activity.  You should not be aware of the IUD and neither should your partner.  You will be able to feel the string with your finger when you check for it.

Who can use a Copper IUD?
It is best suited for women with families who want convenient, reversible contraception.  It is recommended for women with at least 1 child who are in a stable, mutually faithful relationship and have no history of pelvic inflammatory disease.  It is economical since it is good for 10 years and it does not contain hormones.

How effective is the IUD?
The copper IUD is one of the most effective reversible methods of birth control available today.  It is over 99% effective--fewer than 1 woman out of every 100 using it for one year will get pregnant.

How long before the IUD is effective?
The IUD is effective immediately upon insertion.

How does the Copper IUD work?
The copper in the Paragard IUD prevents pregnancy by interfering with the movement of sperm.  This reduces the chance that the egg will be fertilized.

What are the most common side effects associated with the IUD?
Very rarely IUDs can cause increased menstrual flow, cramps, and backaches.  Usually, the copper in the IUD causes no side effects; but, it should not be inserted if you are allergic to copper.

How much does an IUD cost?
The cost is based on your income on a sliding fee scale and includes the counseling session prior to the insertion, the insertion visit and the IUD itself.  It is important to note that the preparatory exam, post-insertion check or any other visits needed will also be charged on a sliding fee scale according to your income.  Fees for those services are due at the time they are received.

Where can I get a Copper IUD?
Contact the Family Planning Clinic.  A nurse there will talk to you about it.  If you are a candidate, you will be referred to the Health Care Provider at the clinic and she will set up an appointment for you.  Before considering insertion you must have a physical examination and screening for sexually transmitted diseases.