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Immunization Clinic


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Pinconning Clinic

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The goal of the Immunization Division is to stop the spread of diseases that are vaccine preventable by providing vaccine to the citizens of Bay County, educating the medical personnel and the public on the importance of vaccinations, and ensuring that children who are in daycare, Head Start, and school are adequately immunized against diseases that are harmful and sometimes deadly. 

Please fill out the General Client Consent for Services Form prior to the appointment.

Immunization Fee Schedule 

Recommended Vaccine Schedules

Birth to 6 years 

Children 7-18 years old

Children's Catch Up Schedule


Recommendations for Adults with Medical Indications


Flu Vaccine

Flu Vaccine Information

Vaccine Safety

Who Should Get Vaccinated


Information for Parents

The Flu and You

Children and the Flu

A Flu Guide for Parents


Pregnant Women

Protect Your Baby from the Flu

Pregnant Women and the Flu Shot

Protect Your Baby from Whooping Cough 


Other Areas of Interest

Michigan Care Improvement Registry

Michigan Immunization Portal

How to Read your Michigan Immunization Record

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Immunization Page

. is a comprehensive resource for immunizationmanagement, patient education, as well as other high-quality informationsources.


Cover artVaccines on the Go
Free mobile app for iPhones from the Vaccine Education Center. In addition to information about vaccines, the diseases they prevent, and common vaccine safety concerns, the app has games; links to videos, fact sheets, and brochures; places for saving notes for the next doctor visit; and an easy way to email the Vaccine Education Center with vaccine-related questions. 





Know What to Do About the Flu