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Beach 'Muck' Advisory

In accordance with findings from the Saginaw Bay Science Committee the Bay County Health Department and the Huron County Health Department are issuing an advisory on the recent and excessive algal growth, detritus or "muck," which has covered the shoreline in parts of the Great Lakes, including Saginaw Bay. Perceptions of increases in muck formation and sediment along the beaches in Bay and Huron Counties has resulted in great concern among the public, especially local homeowners. In addition, preliminary testing of the material has detected fecal indicators, including E. coli, which also has resulted in public concerns related to the potential human health implications of contact with the materials.


The Health Departments of Bay and Huron Counties advise that until the exact nature of the debris (muck) that is causing concern is identified, persons should limit their contact with the debris and wash with soap and water if in contact with the debris. People with open sores and wounds and anyone that may ingest the material should avoid the "muck" areas altogether. The local health departments from Bay, Huron and Tuscola participated on the Saginaw Bay Science Committee which is looking at the Saginaw Bay "muck" issue.