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Bayside Park Investigation


Cancer and Disease Cluster Update 

March 21, 2017  - 6:00 pm at Bangor Township Hall


 What is a Cancer Cluster

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention - “A cancer cluster is a greater than expected number of cancer cases that occurs within a group of people in a geographic area over a defined period of time.”

 A greater than expected number -Occurs when the observed number of cases is higher than one wouldtypically observe in a similar setting (e.g., in a group with similarpopulation, age, race, or sex). 

Of cancer cases -All of the cases must involve the same type of cancer, or types of cancer scientifically proven to have the same cause.
  • What kind of cancer do the members of our group have?
  • Do we know what causes those kinds of cancers?
That occurs within a group of people- The greater than expected number of cancers is seen after accounting for the distribution of race, ethnicity, age, and gender in the population for purposes of calculating cancer rates.
Ina geographic area - If the cancer cases are linked together by residence the calculation of the expected number of cases will depend on how we define the geographic area where the cancer cases live. 
Over a period of time- The number of cases included in the cluster—and calculation of the expected number of cases—will depend on how we define the time period over which the cases occurred. 

Banger Township Town Hall Meeting

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