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Bay Community Health Clinic

Phone: 989-895-2035 
Fax: 989-895-2053


The Bay Community Health Clinic at Bay County Health Department provides high quality primary care medical services for patients of all ages. From routine and preventive care to care for more complicated or chronic conditions, the Bay Community Health Clinic is here to meet the medical needs families and individuals in our community.

Integrated, Interprofessional Care

At the Bay Community Health Clinic, we believe that patients are best served when health care providers treat the whole person, not just a single symptom or condition. Therefore, we practice using an integrated interprofessional care model led by Nurse Practitioners under the guidance of Kirk Herrick, DO combining services for both physical, social work, pharmacy and occupational health disciplines in one visit, under one roof. Simply put, the integrated care model recognizes that multiple factors can affect ones health. Treating these conditions as a whole makes a successful outcome for each patient much more likely. We specialize in the care of Veterans and individuals with a mental health diagnosis.

Helping Those with Multiple Chronic Conditions

Patients with multiple chronic conditions, such as diabetes or hypertension, may be offered a variety of services in addition to medical care, including occupational therapy, social work, and nutritional and pharmaceutical counseling. Our chronic disease management program focuses on giving patients the tools to understand and monitor their own conditions so that they can lead a healthy and productive life. Wellness checks are available to patients in need of a general check up and those with questions about health maintenance and preventive screening.


A variety of affordable diagnostic tests are available at the Bay Community Health Clinic. Some tests with same day results are performed in the office, including tests for Strep, influenza, HIV, H. pylori and mononucleosis infections, urine tests to identify infection, pregnancy, and impaired kidney function, and diabetes tests to monitor glucose level and Hemoglobin A1c. We also offer electrocardiograms (EKGs), pap tests, and screening for sexually transmitted infections. When x-rays or other radiologic testing is required, we refer patients to the most affordable facilities in the community for imaging and follow up on results in our office.

How to Become a Patient

If you do not have health insurance:

If you do not have health insurance, we ask that you contact the Bay Health Plan at 989-895-4008 and make an appointment to go through the eligibility screening in order to determine if you do qualify for Medicaid, Medicare, private health insurance through the exchange system, or benefits through the Bay Health itself. Patients without insurance must complete their eligibility determination prior to making an appointment at the clinic.

1. Call 989-895-4008 to make your appointment with an Eligibility Specialist from Bay Health Plan.

2. Come to your eligibility appointment with all the required paperwork so that you can determine what type of insurance or programs you are qualified for.

3. Once you have completed your eligibility visit, the Bay Health Plan staff will refer you for an appointment with one of our healthcare providers.

We highly recommend that patients determine their eligibility and become a member of the clinic before they actually get sick, because the eligibility process can take time. There is a list of documents on the application that you must provide during the eligibility process. Please contact the Bay Health Plan directly at 989-895-4008 with questions about required documentation.


If you already have Insurance - (Medicaid, Medicare, Blue Cross, Health Plus, etc.) you may call us directly at 989-895-2035 to schedule an appointment. For specifics, see below:

If you have Medicaid or Medicare
When you call to make an appointment (989) 895-2035, please mention that you have Medicaid or Medicare. You will also need to bring your card with you to your 


If you have Private Insurance

We are in network with a number of private insurance providers. If you have these insurances, you will need to pay your copay at time of service, and we will submit a claim to your insurance company for the care you receive. Please contact our office to confirm we accept your insurance.

To make an appointment for services at the Bay Community Health Clinic, please call us at 989-895-2035. When making your appointment, please have your insurance information available. If you do not have insurance, please let the customer service representative know this, and they will first help you schedule an appointment with the eligibility technician.

Please DO NOT email any staff at BCHD to schedule appointments.