Gypsy Moth Suppression Program

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Carter Rogers - Assistant Program Coordinator

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Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB)

The Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB) is an invasive species of beetle that attacks many types of trees. While the favorite host trees for the ALB are Maple, Birch, Buckeye, and Willow trees, they can live in many other types of trees that are native to Bay County. The ALB has not been found in Michigan, however there is an area in southern Ohio (near Columbus and Dayton) that is infested. The ALB doesn't directly kill trees, it weakens them structurally so the tree becomes more vulnerable to damage caused by wind, rain, other insects, molds, fungus, etc. 



The large, white spotted black adult ALB (pictured above) are active in the summer and can sometimes be found in swimming pool filters. 


You can see the oval shaped pits that the females chew into the tree in order to lay their eggs.



 ALB droppings or "frass" (which looks like coarse sawdust) is pushed out of the holes and cracks in trees by the larva.. 


When the adults emerge from thetree they leave ¼ to dime sized holes that are round and smooth. 


A number two pencil fits cleanly into the hole sometimes half way through the tree.



The characteristic round, dime sized exit holes and oval egg laying pits can be seen along large branches or on the trunk of infested trees. 


Look for trees (especially Maples) with dying branches. 

If you see a suspect tree or beetle, please take photos, record the location, try to collect the beetle(s) in a jar, and report it to the Bay County Gypsy Moth Suppression Program Staff at or call 989-895-4195.  

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