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2013 Women's County Tournament

 This is the 6th year with the new tournament format and are still encourageing all ladies of any playing level to participate.  Our goal is to bring more and more ladies into the event as a tournament atmosphere, but also I good weekend to have fun and make some good memories.  Under the new format we had a GROSS and NET champion crowned for 2012.  For those that do not know what this means let me explain. 

Lets say you average 110 for 18 holes, with our new division if you go out and shoot 110 and we apply your handicap (38 in this case) your NET score is 72.  That's right you shot even par.  This allows everyone to play from a level playing field.  To sum it up, we have 2 divisions gross and net.  You will be placed in whatever division you place the highest in.  It's a win-win combination.  Sign up, bring a friend, tell a friend, and come have a good time at the Bay County Golf Course.

The following are the Champion Golfers of 2013:


2013 Women's Gross County Champion

Brandi Studer

Round 171  (-3)

Round 2 72   (-1)

TOTAL 143 (-4)

Brandi Studer defends her title in dramatic fashion shooting a 36 hole total 4 under par.  Brandi opened with a 3 under 71 which gave her an 11 shot advantage.  She put it on cruise control Sunday and fired a 1 under par 71.  A great tournament and her smile says it all!  Great job Brandi!


2nd placeSusan Iannocchione 82 + 83 =165

3rd place Anne Bates 86 + 80 =166

4th place Kathy Loviska 89 + 88 = 177

5th place Nicole Skrzypczak 98 + 95 = 193

6th place Anne Yandall96 + 100 =196

7th place Krista Greenwood 93 + 103 =198

8th place Beverley Skinner106+103 =209





2013 Women's Net County Champion

Anne Bates

Round 1  71  (-3)

 Round 2  65    (-9)

  TOTAL 136 (-12)

Anne Bates played an outstanding tournament and out scored her handicap better than anyone else.  Anne's net score of 136, 12 under par bettered the field by 3 shots.  Give credit to the other ladies and their play, however they were not going to cach Anne this week.  Excellent job Anne!


2nd place Susan Iannochhione69 + 70 =  139

3rd placeBrandi Studer 71 + 72 =143

4th placeKrista Greenwood  67 + 79 =146

5th placeAnne Yandall 72 + 76 =148

6th placeKathy Loviska  75 + 74 =149

7th placeNicole Skrzypczak  78 + 75 =153

8th placeBeverley Skinner  80 + 77 =157






Views from the Women's tourney.....

If you have any questions or interest in this event please contact Brent Goik at (989) 892-2161 or  Thank You and we look forward to 2014....