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2012 Senior County Tournamnent

Well...the 2012 Senior County Tournament proved to be a successful event again under the new format that was added 5 years ago.  Just as our Men's tournament is divided into flights, our Senior tournament is divided into age groups.  The groups consist of 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, and 70-older.  A champion is determined from each age group.  However, we still have our traditional overall champion who wins a golf membership for the following season.  To ensure all age groups compete at a level playing field the 50-54 and the 55-59 age groups play from the blue tees.  Ages 60-64 and the 65-69 played from the white tees.  While the 70-older age groups play from the gold tees.

  The following are this year's Champions:

2012 Senior County Champions.....Tom Rezler.....Rod Wright.....Terry Horner.....Richard Stevens.....Gene Rhode.....



 Senior Age 60-64 County Champion

Tom Rezler

Round 1 72 (E)

Round 2   74  (+2)

 TOTAL  146   (+2) 

Tom Rezler is a staple of the County Tournament whether the Men's or the Senior Tournament he brings his fierce competition to all events.  Tom was a runaway winner this year posting a 2 over par finish with the next closest being 6 shots away.  Tom is a well deserved Champion on or off the golf course.  His integrity of the game and consistent play makes us proud to call him Champion.  Great job Mr. Rezler!






2nd place John Janke76 + 77 =153

3rd place  Steve Graczyk 81 + 84 =165

t4th place Bill DeWyse 86 + 81 =167

t4th place Denny Gale 90 + 77 =167

2012 Senior Age 50-54 Champion

Rod Wright

Round 1  77  (+5)

Round 280  (+8)

TOTAL157  (+13)


Rod pulled off the victory this year with less than his "A" game.  That is a true sign of a champion.  He went toe to toe with some great players and Rod was able to hang in there and beat out Bud Keefer by 2 shots.  An overall Senior Championship is something his eyes are set on for the future.  Great job Rod!




2nd placeBud Keefer 79 + 80 =159

3rd placeDon Horner 84 + 85 =169

4th planeWendell Beffery 84 + 87 =171

5th placeJoe Winchell 94 + 95 =189


2012 Senior Age 55-59 Champion

Terry Horner

Round 1  79 (+7)

Round 2  73(+1)

TOTAL 152(+8)

Terry played a gutsy tournament and grinded his way to a 2 stroke victory.  Terry was experiencing a bad back which required surgery after the tournament.  His 73 on Sunday was one of the toughest rounds anyone could play given his condition.  He had a tough time even getting his golf ball out of the hole.  Congratlations Terry on a job well done!






2nd place  Rick Webb76 + 78 =154

3rd placeRoy Schultheiss  78 + 77 =155

4th place  John Goik78 + 80 =158

5th placeGerald Schroeder  81 + 80 =161

6th placeDave Herber95 + 90 =185


2012 Senior Age 65-69 Champion

Richard Stevens

Round 176 (+4)

Round 2  78 (+6)

 TOTAL 154(+10)

Richard Stevens proves AGAIN he's a force to be reckon with in the Senior Tournament once again taking home a title in back to back years in the 65-69 age division.  Richard finished with a 3 stroke victory in his age group.  The players in his age group are going to have a tough time de-throwning this Champion!






t2nd place Tim Corcoran77 + 80 =157

t2nd place Ron Marande79 + 78  =157

t2nd place Greg Stutelberg83 + 74  =157

5th place Joe King78 + 80 =158

6th place Don Girardot81 + 81 =162

t7th placeDon Walsh 79 + 87 =166

t7th place Fred Leonard82 + 84 =166

9th placeDick Linton 88 + 81 =169

10th place  Dave Dietlein 82 + 88 =170

11th place  Ron Gobeski92 + 83 =175


2012 Senior Age 70-older Champion

Gene Rhode

Round 1 80   (+8)

Round 2   76 (+4)

  TOTAL156  (+12)

Gene Rhode is a staple to this tournament and is building quite the trophy case.  He is going to have expand it to fit all his Championships.  Gene is a tee it up and play type of guy and has been a long standing member of Bay County for years.  When playing Gene you better know the rules, because if you don't you will be receiving a stroke or two penalty.  Great job Gene!






2nd placeGary Kinsey 84 + 83 =167

3rd placeFred Kotewa81 + 88 =169

4th placeFred Hubert 91 + 79 =170

5th placeBob Darbee  87 + 90 =177

6th placeTom Grange 96 + 88 =184

7th placeTom Bliss 94 +WD =WD 


Views from the Senior Tournament..... 




LEFT:  Rod Wright set at the top to draw one right down the middle en route to a Championship

RIGHT:  Terry Horner lines up his tee shot on #11 en route to a County Championship.


LEFT:  Richard Stevens starts to unload on his tee shot on #13 on his way to victory in the 65-69 age group.

RIGHT:  Steve Graczyk walks down the 12th fairway with caddie of the year his wife Alice.



LEFT:  Tom Grange rotates nicely through his tee shot on #15.

RIGHT:  Tom Rezler en route to the overall champion hits his approach to #12.


LEFT:  Ron Marande starts his backswing on his approach shot on #12 with Don Walsh lookiing on.

RIGHT:  Gene Rhode our 70 and older champion hits one right down the middle on #15.




LEFT:  Fred Kotewa lines up an eagle putt on #14 during the senior tournament.

RIGHT:  Bill DeWyse waits to hit his approach to #12.


LEFT:  John Goik stares down his approach on #11 during the 2nd round of the championship.

RIGHT:  "Max" the squirrel was out spectating and enjoyed the tournament as well.


LEFT:  Roy Schultheiss dials in the yardage on #11.

RIGHT:  Don Horner unloads on his tee shot on #10.




A Special Thank You goes out to all participants for this year's event.The new format continues to be a success and we strive to build this tournament year in and year out.  Hope to see all of you next season.

Happy Golfing,

Brent Goik

Recreation and Golf Course Supervisor

RIGHT:  Fred Leonard lines up a putt on #14 while "Carpie"  looks on.