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2009 Men's County Tournament

The Annual County Tournament is one of the longest standing golf tournaments in our area.  This much anticipated tournament is always full of tradition and excitement.  Once a year all levels of amateur golfers come out to the County Golf Course and attempt to mark their name in county history....from Jerry Snable (11 time champion) to recent high school graduates, to your once a week league golfer, everyone wants his shot at winning 'The County'!  We would like to thank all participants having our best turn out in recent years with 142 golfers! 

This year was no exception!!  The following are the Champion Golfers of 2009:

2009 Men's County Champions.....Chad Horner..........John Janke.....Chris Mulders.....Scott McNally.....Dave Herber 


2009 Championship Flight Champion

Chad Horner

Round 1 - 69 (-3)

  Round 2 - 74   (+2)

  TOTAL -   143 (-1)

Chad Horner won his second County crown with a fine score of one under par 143.  Chad had some very good golfers nipping at his heels going into the second round, but with tough pin locations and the Sunday pressure he held them all off and won by 6 shots!  Great Job Chad!!


2nd placeJustin Holyszko71+78= 149

t3rd placeSteveAncel80+71 =  151 

t3rd placeMichael Dore 78+73= 151

t3rd placeDave Dufort76+75= 151

6th place Adam Hansen74+78= 152

7th place Andrew Janke  81+72= 153

8th place Scott Miller 76+78=  154

Brent Wolgast (155), Bo Herek (155), Jason Holyszko (155), Nick Spencer (155), Mike Wenglikowski (156), Matt Hechlick (157), Ryan Schultheiss (157), Roy Schultheiss (157), Andrew Gettel (157), Tom Cauchy III (158), Tom Rezler (158), Ross Schultheiss (158), Jonathon Foldie (160), Brian Rabedioux (161), Brett Baranek (161), Drew Vogl (162), Dustin Vogl (162), Robert Price (162), Rod Wright (163), jeremy Kloska (164), Addison Pafford (165), Curt Pawley (166), Carl Trosien (166), Kevin Shark (168), Jason Wright (169), Brad Lynch (170), Rob Lowell (175), John Goik (177), Dave Deitlein (186)


John Janke

Round 1 - 76 (+4)

Round 2 - 79   (+7)

TOTAL - 155 (+11) 

John won the title by 1 shot over Cory Snider.  It was a great finish, because 4 guys had a chance coming down the stretch.  With John's patience and being in this position before he was able to hold off the field and bring home the harware.  Great Job John!!


2nd place Cory Snider75+81=155

3rd place Roger Skrabut 79+78=156

4th place Terry Horner 77+81=158

5th place Jake Coquillard83+77=160

6th place Scott DeWyse81+82=163

7th place Gerald Schroeder79+89=168

Ryan Rahn (169), Tim Fenwick (169), Rod Grigg (169), George Brooks (172), Adam Schumacher (173), Chris Janke (173), Richard Chapman Jr. (175), Gene Rhode (175), Gary Lesley (177), Craig Montcalm (177), John Lange (180), Keith Jones (182), George Escamilla (182), Mike Gross (186), Matthew Boucher (198)



Christopher Mulders

Round 1 - 83 (+11)

Round 2 - 84 (+12)

TOTAL - 167*(+23) 

Chris won his first County title in true Championship fashion by winning in a playoff to beat out Tim Corcoran.  Chris played steady all weekend and went into the playoff with a lot of confidence.  When Tim hit his tee ball out of bounds on the first playoff hole it was all but over using that steady play.  Great Job Chris!!


2nd place Tim Corcoran85+82=167

3rd place Mike Learman89+79=168

t4th placeJohn Kendall 80+89=169

t4th placeScott Charbonneau  83+86=169

t4th placeDavid Reitzel 84+85=169

t4th placeJeff Weitzel  89+80=169

Andy Glowiak (172), John Skrzypczak Sr. (173), Steve Graczyk (174), Bill DeWyse (178), Dave Grzegorczyk (178), Gregory Licht (178), James Schneider (179), Preston Oakes (180), Dave Pryzbylski (180), Louis Beck (183), Garrett Franklin (186), Jason King (188), Dick Linton (190), Dan Greenleaf (191), Denny Gale (196), Steve Kennedy (WD), James Sursley (WD)



Scott McNally

Round 1 - 80 (+8)

Round 2 - 81 (+9)

  TOTAL -161  (+17) 

Congratulations Scott on winning your first County Tournament.  Scott held off some strong competitors, but held on due to his consistent play and won by 3 shots.  A member out at the County Course and dedicated player to the game we are proud to have him as a Champion.  Great Job Scott!!


2nd place Jack LeSage80+84=164

3rd place  Gary Kinsey82+83= 165

4th place Tyson Knaub 84+83= 167

t5th place Don Herek80+88=168

t5th place Noah Ferrio84+84=   168

t5th place Chip L. Kiesel 90+78= 168


Jeff Nievierowski (169), Steve Weitzel (171), Fred Galloway (171), Mark Williams (172), Jay Brooks (172), Ben Escamilla (172), Todd Kerr (172), Mike Monville (174), Blake Brown (174), Dan Ziolkowski Jr. (175), Charlie Schwartz (176), AJ Newmann (177), Glenn McKenzie (177), Charlie Glocksine (177), Greg Bahm (178), Bob Pratt (179), Bill Jaynes (180), John Mueller (181), Rod Kerr (183), Christopher Goulet (185), Rob Hawkins (189), Kevin Rogner (196), Connor Brady (201), Matt Meyer (201), Mike Prime (WD), Mark Michalak (WD)


Dave Herber

Round 1 - 88 (+16)

Round 2 - 79   (+7)

TOTAL -  167 (+23)

Dave played an overall great tournament.  And what a comeback in Sunday's round.  Starting out with an 88, Dave fights back and shoots a 79 to win by 4 shots.  What a round.  We all would like to congratulate him on his round and becoming a County Champion.  Great Job Dave!!


t2nd placeJack Kerkau 85+86=171

t2nd placeKevin Janke 86+85=171

t4th placeChad Newton 83+90=173

t4th placeMike Iannacchione  86+87=173

t4th placeJim Garzell 91+82=173

7th place Edward Bleshenski88+88=176


Mike Race (177), Patrick McMartin (177), Paul Sansburn (177), Tom Bliss (178), Fred Hubert (180), Don Drouin (184), Cameron Volders (189), Jamey Bartkowiak (189), Rick Busch (190), Scot Gatza (192), Kevin Socier (192), Bill Borch (194), Grant Schuers (195), John Bergevin (196), Tom Cauchy II (199), Dave Cox (200), Brian Kay (201), Cort Schepeler (203), Kevin Wilson (203), John Maynard (210)


Thank You all Contestants on a Fine Tournament!


  Views from the Tourney.....

____________Fact or Fiction?___________

Was the County Tournament always held at same location?

Fiction:  The Bay County Golf Course opened its doors in 1966.  The first County Tournament at this location was 1968 with Jerry Snable as champion  Before that the event was held at the old Euclid course. 

Just a little bit of history! 


(Right)  Cory Snider comes up to receive his second place gift certificate in the First Flight.  Cory made it interesting and had a good chance at winning the tournament right down to the end.

(Above)  George Escamilla given "best dressed in '09" supports the knickers and is looking good...








(Above)  After a long day on the course, what's better than having a cold one?(Below)  John Bergevin rips a drive down #10.









(Above)  The trophies await their respective winners...










(Above)  Ashley Goik takes the player's scores at the turn...while Ron Marande tells a joke that Stanley Jamrog apparently doesn't find funny.  Don't worry Ron it was a good one! 



 (Above)  Kevin Rogner, Connor Brady, & Matthew Boucher pose for a pic. 

(Left)  Connor Brady unloads on a tee ball in his first County Tournament, acutally his golf competitive golf tournament.  Connor just got done playing college baseball and is hooked on golf.  Thanks Dad!




(Above)  Bo Herek lines up a putt while John Goik marks his ball during the '09 Championship. 


The following list of names is sure to bring back memories and attribute to the tremendous golfing experience and quality gentlemen that we have had the honor to play in our event.  Congratulations to all players on this list, but also to every player that has ever participated over the years.  Thank You for the memories.....and the ones to follow.

Brent Goik 

Recreation and Golf Course Supervisor





Past County Champions

2009Chad Horner(143)

2008Jason Holyszko(145)

2007Justin Holyszko(143)

2006 Chad Horner (136)

2005 Mike Wenglikowski (143)

2004 Ryan Puchel (142)

2003 Mike Wenglikowski (141)

2002 Ryan Schultheiss (143)

2001 Bryan Shark (138)

2000 Mike Wenglikowski (144)

1999 Doug Anderson (139)

1998 Jerry Snable (138)

1997 Jerry Snable (144)

1996 Jerry Snable (143)*

1995 Jerry Snable (71) - rain shortened

1994 Jerry Snable (146)

1993 Jerry Snable (141)

1992 Jerry Snable (146)

1991 Kevin Janasik (147)

1990 Jerry Snable (138)

1989 Tom Rezler (146)

1988 Kevin Janasik (148)*

1987 Pete Pafford (70) - rain shortened

1986 Pete Pafford (147)

1985 Pete Pafford (150)

1984 Joe Spyhalski (149)

1983 Pete Pafford (141)

1982 Jerry Snable (141)*

1981 Joe Borkowski (147)

1980 Tom Rezler (146)

1979 Pete Pafford (140)

1978 Alan Schafer (148)

1977 Tom Rezler (153)*

1976 Joe Spyhalski (149)

1975 Tom Rezler (146)

1974 Tom Rezler (149)*

1973 Bill Ott (139)

1972 Carl Herber (146)

1971 Jerry Snable (149)

1970 Carl Herber def. Bill Ott

1969 Scott Anderson def. Shelby Houston

1968 Jerry Snable

--------start of the Modern Era at the Bay County Golf Course------

1965-1967 No Tourney

1964 John Tews (213)

1963 Guy Jeffrey

1962 John Bickham (219)*

1961 John Tews def. Frank Peplinski

1960 Carl Herber

1959 John Tews def. Harry Halub

1958 Bruce Irvine def. Larry Jonas

1957 Harry Halub def. Eldon Ingle

1956 John Tews

1955 Harry Halub def. Flyod "Butch" Wagner

1954 Harry Halub def. Howard Bidwell

1953 Eldon Ingle def. Flyod "Butch" Wagner

1952 John Tews (296)

1951 John Tews def. Harry Halub

1950 Fred "Chick" Herber

1949 Harry Halub def. John Tews

1948 Harry Halub def. John Tews

1947 John Tews

1946 John Tews

1945 Sam Young (146)

1944 Fred "Chick" Herber

1943 Mike Wiechec

1942 John Tews def. Mike Wiechec

1941 John Tews def. Howard Taylor

1940 John Tews def. Howard Taylor

1939 Elsun Hedges def. John Tews

1938 John Tews def. Elsun Hedges

1937 Eugene Hand def. Elsun Hedges

1936 Art Kerkau def. Ken Treymann

1935 Howard Taylor

1934 Larry Noble

1933 Howard Taylor

1932 Howard Taylor

1931 Eugene Hand

1930 Eugene Hand

1929 Pete Smith def. Eugene Hand

1928 Eugene Hand def. Al Windiate

1927 Eugene Hand def. Emmett Kelly

1926   Eugene Hand def. Al Windiate

1925 Eugene Hand def. Charlie Porter

1924 Dude Evans def. Fred Johnson

1923 Dude Evans def. Fred Johnson

1922 Emmett Kelly def. Fred Johnson - first City Championship

*Information provided by The Bay City Times (Lee Thompson)