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Carter Rogers - Assistant Program Coordinator

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Pest of the Month


April Pest of the Month . . . The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug is an insect that was originally from the continent of Asia, and it came to Michigan in 2010. For owners of orchards, they can be quite the pest, as the beetle is attracted to fruits and vegetables to consume. But normal homeowners may also notice these beetles as summer begins to end, as they will be looking for warm and hidden places to stay safe during the winter. They will look for crevices in windows and doors to sneak inside. Thankfully they will not bite or lay eggs indoors, but they may release an odor when disturbed. 


The best defense to get rid of these insects is to try to seal as many entrances as possible to your house, where the beetle can squeeze into. Once inside, you can vacuum them up or drop them in soapy water to let them die. If you try to squish them, it will release a very unpleasant odor.