Friend of the Court

Elizabeth Roszatycki, Director

Bay County Court Facility
1230 Washington Avenue, Suite 660
Voice: (989) 895-4295

Support Analysts

Please contact your Support Analyst if you have questions regarding:

  • Balance Disputes
  • Payments
  • Emancipation Procedures (child turning 18)
  • Arrearage Enforcement
  • Loss of Job / Job Change
  • Income Withholding Orders

Please be advised that your Support Analyst is assigned by the Last Name of the PAYER.

Dial (989) 895-4295; Extension Number


Payer's Last Name Starts With: Support Analyst Extension Number

Jeremy Peglow

D-G Suzanne Jacobs 3109
H-KCandice Becker 3900
L-OKimberly Heltzel3146
Q-TAbigail Garlick3108
P, U-ZAmy Austin3118