Friend of the Court

Elizabeth Roszatycki, Director

Bay County Court Facility
1230 Washington Avenue, Suite 660
Voice: (989) 895-4295

FOC Staff


If you do not see the extension number of the employee you are looking for, please be advised that they do not accept phone calls. Your requests and communications to them, must be submitted in writing to our office. Please follow the link of the employee's title for further contact information.

Name Title Extension Number
Heltzel, Kimberly Support Analyst 3146
Nichols, Darren Family (Custody/Parenting Time) Mediator NA
Britko, Nancy Support Modification Specialist 3111
Clayton, Anne Senior Financial Manager 3113
Becker, Candice Support Analyst 3900

Holtschlag, Tom

Bertrand, Patrick

Bench Warrant Hearing Officer 4291
Gwizdala, Jennifer Office Manager 2088
Alvesteffer, Kaycee Account Case Specialist 3083
Jacobs, Suzanne Support Analyst 3109
Johnroe, Lori Support Analyst 3114
Irish, Sally Senior Enforcement Case Mgr 3108
Kinsella, Michael Assistant Friend of the Court NA
Krohn, Pamela Family (Custody/Parenting Time) Mediator NA
Lee, Merry Intersate Child Support Case Mgr 2082
Lesperance, Peggy Secretary - Family Evaluators 3120
Horner, Joanne Medical Case Specialist 3118
Fielbrandt, Lynne Support Analyst 3132
McGuire, Christopher Support Analyst 3105
Newsham, Angelita Locate Support Specialist 3115
Debo, Kelli Enforcement Specialist 3112
Rooker, Gabrielle Account Case Specialist 3117
Roszatycki, Elizabeth Director, Friend of the Court NA
Fisher, Patti Receptionist 3103
Schlager, Abbie Family (Custody/Parenting Time) Mediator NA
Tacey, Sharon Locate Support Specialist 3143
Young, Amanda Receptionist 3102
Zawacki, Jodi Systems Manager 4264