Bay County Clerk

Cynthia A. Luczak

Bay County Building
515 Center Avenue, Ste. 101
Bay City, Michigan 48708-5941
Voice: (989) 895-4280
Fax: (989) 895-4284

Accomplishments and Pledge To You

I am proud of my list of accomplishments since taking office in 2004. I pledge to use my more than 30 years of experience doing this work to provide my constituents with professional, courteous and timely service at all times.




The Bay County Clerk’s office announced a new public service offering: the Michigan Centralized Birth Certification System. The Michigan Centralized Birth Certification system is a collaborative effort between the Michigan Department of Community Health and County and City Vital Records Clerks to allow state certified copies of birth records to be issued at a local level. The system allows clerks to access birth records from 1935 to the present via a secure state application managed by the Division for Vital Records and Health Statistics. Local clerks may search for records not held in their local collections, print certified copies, and request modifications or additions to records that are incomplete or inaccurate. Bay County is one of a select few Michigan counties currently piloting the system providing faster service for area residents. Michigan’s Centralized Birth Certification System has positioned the state years ahead of pending federal regulations making the Bay County Clerk’s office a pioneer in record consolidation and centralization. Certified copies of birth certifications though the Michigan Centralized Birth Certification System may be obtained for $34.00 at the Bay County Clerk’s office. Applicants must have been born in Bay County and will need to provide photo identification to take advantage of this new local service. 

Massive maintenance/management project of the 18th Judicial Circuit Court files. Guided by the Michigan State Trial Courts retention schedule, we conducted file management, imaging and image cross checking while disposing of those records beyond the retention period. This allows our office to save on storage space while still offering the same level of service.

Completed Board of Canvassers scanning project of election canvass minutes dating back to 1965. This enables the minutes to be accessible on the Clerk’s website as well as retaining the documents digitally.

Countywide implementation of E-poll book system where the recording of voters is entered into a laptop computer for easy and expeditious processing by election workers.

Named Chairwoman of the Bay County Re-apportionment Commission and conducted proceedings to redistrict Bay County (completed every 10 years).

Selected by Michigan Department of Community Health to pilot the Electronic Death Record System in Bay County. We were the 6th county in Michigan to proceed with this project.

Improved the processing of Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) permits from paper to a professional plastic card with computer software from the Identiphoto Company.

Named Michigan Association of County Clerks, District 3 Director.

Undertook extensive community outreach including: Voter Registration Drive, Passport Processing, Junior Achievement and Mock Elections in area schools.

County Clerk became authorized to perform wedding ceremonies under new state law. Performed 70 weddings in 2009 and 90 in 2010.

Conducted the largest Presidential Election in the nation's history, flawlessly.

Compliance with Federal Real I.D. Act for all to show identification at the polls in order to vote.

Automark voter assisted marking device equipment deployed countywide. Performed educational demonstrations for the public and senior citizens.

Election Consolidation Act Legislation to coordinate elections with school districts and formulate plans for four (4) election dates per year. Four (4) school districts in Bay County to hold public hearings.

In an effort to modernize Bay County elections, the Clerk’s office procured new M100 voting tabulators for all voting precincts. The M100 is a new electronic, rather than mechanical, tabulator allowing for easier use by poll workers and voters alike. The machines were purchased with federal grants provided by the Help America Vote Act (HAVA).

Fought hard since day one as Clerk to keep the cost of vital records to the constituents at a fair rate and have maintained the same fee schedule for a number of years.

Conduct annual and bi-annual elections for Bay County Employees Retirement Board, United Auto Workers, Local 362 and Bay Arenac Intermediate School District Board.