Recording Fees

Statutory Fees
Act. No. 698 Public Acts of 2002
Effective March 31, 2003
MCLA 600.2567

Recording Fees:

            First Page $14.00 
            Each Additional Page 3.00 

*$4.00 of this fee is deposited to the Michigan State Survey and Remonumentation (MSSR) fund. [The $4.00 MSSR fee is not assessed on Fixture Filings, State Liens, Federal Liens, MESC liens, State Deeds, Plats or Tax Reversion Documents. MCLA 600.2567a(4)]

Assignment and Discharge Fees:
For any document which assigns or discharges more than one instrument:
$3.00 shall be added to the recording fee for each additional instrument so assigned or discharged.

Warranty Deeds - Land Contracts:
A tax certificate must be obtained from the County Treasurer's Office prior to recording any of the following [MCLA 211.135]: 
        Warranty Deed (Any Deed which contains a covenant of warranty)
        Land Contract 
        Assignment of Land Contract with warranty clause 
        Master Deed of Condominium

Tax Certificate fee: $1.00

Transfer Tax:
A written instrument is subject to tax imposed by MCL 207.505 Sec. 5 (County) and MCL 207.526 Sec. 6 (State) shall state on its face the TOTAL CONSIDERATION of the real property, or a Real Estate Transfer Affidavit disclosing the total consideration shall be at the time the instrument is presented for recording.  Transfer tax imposed by each act shall be collected unless the transfer is exempt from either or both acts.  Any exemption to the above named acts must be state on the face of the instrument presented for recording.

State Transfer Tax:            $7.50 per Thousand Consideration
County Transfer Tax:         $1.10 per Thousand Consideration

U.C.C. Fees
Act No. 212 Public Acts of 2004
Part 5 - Filing
Effective January 1, 2005

Fees for Filing and indexing Financing Statement or Fixture Filing and any amendment here to MCL 440.59259(1): $15.00

[an amendment includes: amendment, assignment, continuation, release or termination of a filed/recorded instrument]


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Modified: 7/28/2008