Juvenile Detention

Bay County Juvenile Home
520 West Hampton Road
Essexville, MI 48732-9710

(989) 892-4519 Voice
(989) 895-4049 TDD/TTY

The Bay County Juvenile Home is a secured detention facility that provides care and supervision for up to 29 juvenile offenders placed in the facility by Probate Court or the Department of Human Services. Children are admitted only by court order, voluntary placements can not be accepted.



Secure Juvenile Detention
Secure juvenile detention stays are determined by either the Probate Court or Family Independence Agency.  The facility is licensed by the State of Michigan as a Child Caring Institution.  The average length of stay in secure detention is about 14 days.  Some young people may stay only for a weekend, other up to 30 days, and in some cases the stay maybe extended based on the seriousness of the offense or waiver to the adult criminal justice system.  During the program day residents begin with a morning personal hygiene routine, followed by a full day of school work, and afternoon physical activities.  After the evening meal residents may particpate in other activities like writing letters, reading, or additional physical activities. 

Food Service

- The facility participates in the Federal School Lunch Program, which requires monitoring to ensure the nutritional quality of meals served meet minimum requirements. Residents received three (3) balanced meals each day with the opportunity to purchase additional snacks with their token points. This practice is more fully described in the token economy guide contained in this manual and the resident handbook. The facility never withholds food as a form of punishment or to induce a particular type of behavior.

Special dietary needs are identified at the time of admission and provided for throughout the youth's stay. In the event a youth presents special dietary needs, the jail is informed and the menu altered accordingly. Special dietary needs may include those youth with health problems (diabetes) or specific religious practices.

Breakfast is prepared on-site according to an established meal and menu plan. Lunches and dinners are prepared at the Bay County Jail. Copies of menus are contained in the food services section of this manual. The Cook/Driver employed for this purpose transports these meals to the facility. Food items are stored at the facility for emergency purposes in the event of vehicle failure or inclement weather. This practice also provides food for residents who may enter the facility outside of meal times.

BCJH Wellness Policy 2014 

October 2014 Breakfast Menu

October 2014 Lunch Menu



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